Al-Arian: After the deception of Oslo, there was a huge marginalization to Palestinians abroad

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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Sami Al-Arian, the director of the center for Islam Studies and Global Affairs, said: There are five roles Palestinians abroad have to play. First, supporting Palestinians inside the occupied lands, those people are the ones who would handicap the existence of such an occupation therefore, they have to be backed up as much as possible, Second, the daily obstacles that confront Palestinians in Lebanon, Jordan or wherever they are have to be confronted and facilitated by various ways such as: Helping people to steadfast and go on their lives, solving their problems and giving them the power and the strength they need.

Third, the national identity must be preserved in which the more this identity fades away the more the conflict that has to be strengthen until ending the occupation weakens. Fourth, once we see the strategical factors that support our enemies and help them to survive, building the bridges of communication and collaboration with Islamic countries where Palestinians have friendships and strong supportive relations would be vital to weaken our enemies. Finally, the clash with Zionists’ movements in all the fileds and at all levels particularly in the places where they have a huge existence like in Europe.

This speech has taken a place within a workshop titled “Palestinians Abroad: Palestinians in the Diaspora between Theory and Practice: Role, Representation, and Challenges” which was organized by the Popular Conference for Palestinians abroad and Center for Islam Studies and Global Affairs, this workshop was held in the university of Sabahuddin Zaim in Istanbul.

Al-Arian affirmed “after Oslo phase which so- called negotiation phase which was expected to give Palestinians a role, though it gave Israel the permission to control over 78% of Palestine historical lands there was a tremendous marginalization to the role of Palestinians abroad. He also indicated that now after the declaration of the Century deal, the purpose of this workshop was revealed which is discussing the role, representation, and challenges of Palestinians abroad, and he said that we are not concerned on Palestine's libiration organisation issues”.

He stressed that the speech today is about the role of Palestinians abroad outside the political and organizational framework that Palestine's libiration organisation could express in the issues related to negotiations, as we are not concerned on armed struggle since it has its factions to do, we are concerned on what’s apart from these issues. Furthermore, Practical outcomes would be a result of this workshop which means that the recommendations of this workshop could be adopted by an institution or more to get them activated.

He also added:” The Zionist project started 122 years ago, since Pal conference in Switzerland 1897, this project has been a strategical one to the Zionist country, 50 years later the Zionist movement emerged to steal the lands and expel people. Then he continued saying Palestinian work has begun in parallel with the beginning of this movement, we are not here to recite the clash with Zionists history but we are here to take some points related to the workshop”.

Al-Arian pointed out that those who used to do this work became approximately marginalized, as a result they stopped doing their role, while most Palestinians (7 million) outside the occupied lands have no real and effective role in resisting this project. He followed up saying that we are the ones who confront this campaign and Zionist entity which is dangerous not only to us but to the surrounding area, therefore, dismantling this entity is a favor for Palestine in the first place and all surrounding countries”.

He also said:” we as Palestinians are distributed to 80 country, in this workshop there are Palestinians from almost 16 country, our roles are changeable and various from field to another such as Gaza with what it has got and imposed on the enemy within the last 15 years has the most essential role in preserving its power, developing itself and finding a theory to deter the enemy from occupying it even if it is not fully sufficient for that but at least the occupation authorities could not impose what they want to do in Gaza in the last three wars”.



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