Final Communique of the 15th meeting of the General Secretariat

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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An emergency meeting of the General Secretariat of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad on the mechanisms to confront the deal of the century and activate the role of Palestinians abroad


The General Secretariat of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad “PCPA" held its emergency meeting shortly after the sinister announcement of the so-called "Deal of the Century" announced by the accused US President "Donald Trump" and his partner, president of the occupation government required by the court, "Benjamin Netanyahu." The declaration represents a new aggression that completes the cancelation of the rights of the Palestinian people and the liquidation of their most just cause in today’s reality.


The popular conference for Palestinians Abroad as it rejects any concession on the national rights of the Palestinian people by any party, at any time and place, PCPA considers this "deal" a new crime with full coverage and support from the US administration headed by Trump, and affirms the following:


1.    The "deal" came to lend the legitimacy of power and arrogance to the continuous violations of the Zionist occupation against the land, sanctities, and human beings, neglecting all international conventions and norms that reject occupation and settlement and do not recognize them, also ignoring all the concessions previously made by the Arab and Palestinian parties, in which the Zionist entity becomes a manipulator that controls our land and our people.

2.    The deal affirmed the Jewishness of the state, i.e. the Palestinians in 1948 areas lost their right to their original homeland, and the right of return is liquidated and ended.

3.    The "alleged deal" places the future of the territories under the Palestinian Authority control in the custody of the Zionist negotiator, which means the continuous of the settlement and Zionist control over it.

4.    Trump and Netanyahu systematically and arrogantly deal with the Palestinian people pushing them to give up their land for dirty dollars.

5.    The "deal" isolates the Palestinian people in the occupied territory in cantons, where apartheid and racial discrimination are practiced.


We at the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, facing the previous facts, stress the following:


1.    Our fully and completely rejection of everything included in the "Deal of the Century".

2.    Our strong condemnation of every position that supports the aggression and injustice represented in this "alleged deal", whether by attending the theatrical announcement ceremony of the deal, or by explicitly or implicitly supporting for its content.

3.    Our appreciation to our Arab people, Islamic nation, and the popular and official parties that clearly showed their rejection to this deal, and support the national rights of the Palestinian people to liberate their land and return to it.

4.    Our greeting and appreciation to all the Palestinian people for protesting against the deal, and their adherence to the full national rights, naming especially our people in Jerusalem.

5.    Calling on the Palestinian Authority to contribute towards achieving national unity in order to move to a comprehensive uprising, to decompose all the consequences and pledges of the Oslo Accords that led us to this stage, and to end security coordination immediately.

6.    Inviting the Palestinian people, forces and institutions to a comprehensive uprising, each according to his\ her location and capabilities in order to confront this deal and to reinforce the spirit of adhering to and returning to the whole of Palestine.

7.    The importance of conducting the national activities of the Palestinian people, its forces and institutions in all forms, and practicing appropriate methods of expression, including sit-in and legal demonstrations in front of American embassies in different capitals; cooperating with the Arab and Islamic nation and the free people in the world to expose the apartheid regime and the racial discrimination, and prosecute the Zionist war criminals in the international courts.

8.    Reviving the return marches by all the Palestinian people inside Palestine and abroad.


The struggling Palestinian people, who failed all attempts to liquidate their cause with the support of their nation and the free people in the world for a century, are able to thwart this criminal Zionist project and to continue their struggle until achieving their freedom and liberation even if the time is long and the sacrifices are great.


The General Secretariat decided to hold a permanent session to follow up the effects of the announcement of the deal and the Zionist measures in the context of its implementation in order to take the appropriate measures to ensure rejecting and confronting the deal.


Pride and dignity for those who adhere to full rights and the near victory of loyal and honorable people.

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