“The European responsibilities towards the Israeli abuse of the Palestinians rights in Jerusalem and the West Bank”: Seminar held by Europeans for Alq

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On June 10, the Europeans for Alquds Association held an online seminar under the title: “The European responsibilities towards the Israeli abuse of the Palestinians rights in Jerusalem and the West Bank,” which aimed to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of the Israelis’ occupation of the full-length of Jerusalem (al-Quds) in 1967.

Dr. Mazen Kahel, a board member of the Palestinians in Europe Conference and the President of the Forum Franco Palestinian, opened the seminar with a press release, on behalf of Europeans for Alquds Association, saying that:

“The anniversary of the occupation of east Jerusalem coincides this year with the Israeli occupation’s declared plans to annex large lands in the West Bank. Plans that also reinforce the military control over Jerusalem, the construction of illegal settlements and the demolishment of homes of Palestinian citizens, cutting the roads for the future opportunity for an independent Palestinian state.”

As the occupation continues its flagrant violations, he added:

“It has become clear that the occupation’s government is trying to exploit the global preoccupation with the Coronavirus pandemic and is taking advantage of Donald Trump’s proposed deal in the interest of the Israeli side.”

Dr. Kahel also pointed out that the Europeans for Alquds Association cautions against the aggravating Israeli violations in al-Quds city, accentuating that the city, both its eastern and western parts, is the eternal capital of Palestine.

Commenting on the role of European diplomacy when it comes to the violations committed against al-Quds and its citizens, Prof. Manuel Hassassian, the Palestinian Ambassador in Denmark, said:

“The two states solution which the international community has shouldered to deliver the goods at the end of the day is considered to be a zombie, which means that the two-state solution is dead, but is not buried.”

He added:

“The settlements have been too integrated to be removed today, as we have more than 130 settlements with more than 700 thousand settlers, and soon there will be over a million settlers in the occupied territories if the international community, let alone Europe and the U.S., set idle and see what the Israelis are doing in terms of creeping annexation like cancers controlling the remains of the West Bank.”

For his part, Mr. Mustapha Akoub, AFD International- ASIA Department Director, describing himself as “very involved in the human rights side of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” commented on UK’s role in the current happenings in Palestine:

“Historically, we know that UK is the author of the miserable chapter of the Middle East history. In fact, it shaped the whole Middle Eastern geopolitical map.”

Stressing that all that Palestinians had from the UK government concerning the annexation is condemnation, and that it has “been peddling with the populist extremist right wing of the government that we have in Israel,” Mr. Akoub demanded that:

“The UK play a better part because it awes it to the Palestinians and to human rights campaigners as it was the creator of the situation.”

Several other personalities participated in the seminar, including Mr. Pino Cabras, Member of Italian Senate 5-Star Movement, Mr. Thomas Hammarberg, Member of Swedish Parliament Social Democratic Ruling Party and Mr. Christian Juhl, Member of Danish Parliament Democratic Party, Ruling Alliance, among others.

To view the whole seminar, refer to EPAL’s Facebook account, on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/epalmediacenter/videos/665690224276510/.

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