Annexation plans won’t hold before our people’s steadfastness, Bashar Shalabi

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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Bashar Shalabi, a member of the General Secretary of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA), stressed that the plans to annex the Jordan Valley and parts of the West Bank are the “racist” Israeli occupation’s government attempt to impose further colonialist de facto measures, relaying to do so on circumstantial factors.

In an exclusive statement to PCPA, Shalabi said that the Israeli government, more than anyone, is aware that to sustain these circumstances is impossible. He pointed to the factors as:

“A U.S. administration that is racist and obsessive, an official Arab rapid pace towards normalization and the region’s preoccupation with challenging the choices of its people and turning against them.”

Furthermore, Shalabi accentuated that the Israeli occupation’s efforts fail to cover the collapse of the Zionist project, explaining that it is today battling with what it once considered a source of security, on the level of Palestine, where resistance means have grown multiple, and on an international level, with watchful institutions hitting at the heart of the racist Israeli idea, including the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movements.

The occupation’s plans, he asserted, will be aborted by the Palestinian people’s resolute stance as it defends holy shrines in and the soil of Palestine, while holding tight to the right for return aboard, backed by a network supportive and advocative of the Palestinian entitlements.

Stressing that the Zionist occupation is crumbling and doomed to defeat, he added:

“This is a perishing occupation. Militarily speaking, it is repelled by the honest resistance; in terms of ethics and humanity, as well as in the conscience of the free people, it is also being defeated. Liberation is rather closer than Trump and Netanyahu believe it to be.”

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