Israeli occupation’s annexation plans are Judaization policy continued, Sama’n Khouri

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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Sama’n Khouri, head of the Palestinian Union in Latin America, said that the Israeli occupation’s plan to annex the Jordan Valley and parts of the West Bank is a scheme that entails:

“The continuation of the Israeli Judaization policy and a rejection of all humanitarian and civilian rights of Palestinians, as well as a violation of international laws and their provisions, not to mention that [the plan] breaches international conventions while trashing decisions made by the UN and the free people of the world. The plans are an insistence on refusing the establishment of a national and independent Palestinian state.”

In an exclusive statement to the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA), he stressed that it is impossible to realize a settlement with the occupation, adding that:

“It is impossible to achieve any form of settlement with a colonialist matrix, framed by a state founded on bases of racism, supremacy and hatred, which put our people to extreme suffering.”

To challenge the annexation plans, he said:

“We have no other choice but national unity and bringing back the Palestinian National Council to its legal status through democratic elections, which hold up the flag of liberation through a single path—resistance, which is an international lawful right to any people under occupation, such as the Palestinian people.”

He pointed out that peaceful negations have never granted any people its independence, necessitating that force be established and the occupation be faced by Palestinians as an “equal.” He also called for cancelling the Oslo Accords through withdrawing recognition of “Israel” as a state and embarking on a confrontation with the occupation on all levels.

Khouri stressed that there is not a difference between the annexation plan and the so-called Deal of the Century, attributing that to the fact that the deal has proposed a detailed annexation process, covering crossings and borders, road maps and funding, the state’s economy, as well as its political and security life.

Only by agreeing to conduct a process of negotiation regarding the annexation project, he said, Palestinians would be voicing a “new and implicit approval of the deal of the century.”

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