Our people will face a dangerous fate if annexation plans remain unchallenged, Dr. Khair Edin Abdulrahman

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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Dr. Khair Edin Abdulrahman, a member of the General Secretary of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA), stressed that the Israeli occupation’s sustained policy of “successive annexations” of Palestinian lands and emptying them of the largest portion of population, whether by turning them into refugees in neighbor countries or asylum seekers in others, will be the fate of the residents left in Jerusalem (al-Quds) and the West Bank, should the occupation carry out its plans of annexing the Jordan Valley and more than a third of the West Bank’s area without facing serious and effective resistance sufficient to drain its forces, economy and settlers.

In an exclusive statement to PCPA, he pointed out that the Palestinian people will face a dangerous fate if the state of “impotence, procrastination and drowning in the illusions of seeking UN’s refuge and calling on Europe for help continue, as well as the absurdist attempts at asking for the mummy-like Arab League’s support.”

He added:

“The efficient ground of resistance against the enemy is all of Palestine, everything else will be enablers or minor factors.”

Addressing the annexation plans, describing them as “the new threat, represented by Trump’s folly and Netanyahu’s invasion,” Dr. Abdulrahman said:

“The unification of the Palestinian people’s will and mobilizing its powers to start a resistance of several forms and tools inside homeland is the baseline. Then, the resistance must be backed by a large-scale and organized movement of the Palestinian people’s forces and congregations in the diaspora, in addition to Arab and foreign forces and popular committees. This is the top challenge before our people as it stands in the face of these plans and its strife to bring them down.”

He, moreover, defined the annexation plans as:

“An existential struggle against a racist foreign invasion, which will always be transient no matter how long it lasts and no matter how many siblings and friends abandon their obligations and duties within this struggle’s context.”

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