Jordanian official position on Israeli occupation’s annexation plans: Seminar by PCPA

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On Friday, June 19, 2020 — the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) held a political seminar on ZOOM, titled: “Jordan’s official and popular stand of Israeli occupation’s annexation plans.”

The seminar discussed the annexation plans and the urge to establish an Arab front to counter the Israeli occupation’s colonialist policies, in which the journalist Ahmad al-Shaikh, a member of PCPA’s General Secretariat, initiated a long discussion with Dr. Jawad Anani, the former Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs.

Dr. Anani said:

“In Jordan, we are concerned that the Palestinian people have their own state, that they have sovereignty over their land, and that Jordan’s rights in relation to Palestine be preserved by both sides. This is stipulated in the peace agreement signed between Jordan and Israel in 1994, indicating that no party may violate the sovereignty of the other party over its land, neither encroach on its rights. Thus, the annexation measures taken by Israel will imply that any Israeli can file a case against any Palestinian, the latter being a resident, not a citizen.”

Through the annexation plans, al-Anani stressed, the occupation is working to convert the Palestinian right to its land from a right to a privilege, which it can take back whenever it wants. Moreover, the borders between Jordan and Palestine will be under Israeli sovereignty, which Jordan totally rejects.

Speaking of the borders between Jordan and "Israel,” al-Anani pointed out that they were not defined or clearly delineated; rather, they were more of indicative lines, stressing that Jordan signed an agreement with "Israel" in 1967 stating that the borders are not defined with the occupation because it is not the owner of the right to land —a matter to be determined with the Palestinian state that will be established in the future.

He indicated that the Israeli occupation, through annexation, intends to deport Palestinians to Jordan, which he downright refuses.

On facing the plans, al-Anani said:

"If the matter turns into an existential struggle, Jordan will shift from defense to attack, and Israel is afraid of confrontations. We have examples in Gaza and southern Lebanon of confronting the occupation, and if the battle drags on, Israel will lose."

Regarding the American position on the annexation, Al-Anani explained that the political conditions do not remain the same, pointing to the Democratic Party’s candidate for the American elections, "Joe Biden,” who is against the annexation decision, not to forget that even the Trump administration no longer insists on the annexation and left it to understandings between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

He stressed that the American decision on annexation threatens the Jordanian presence, explaining that the Jordanian king had made a statement of his rejection of the annexation through his communication with U.S. leaders, indicating that opposition to the annexation already exists within the U.S. administration.

Al-Anani called for keeping up the diplomatic efforts and the need to be morally prepared to manage to counter the plans.

On the role of the Palestinian Authority, he said that it is able to do more than it is doing in the present time, by having an appropriate approach to achieving harmony between the Palestinian groups, and to unify the position on all sides.

He said:

"The Palestinian Authority should have coordinated its relations with the Arab countries better, leaving no place for antagonism," explaining that the Authority needs these states to consolidate its position and in some cases their aid.

He stated that the position of President Mahmoud Abbas today is similar to that of the late President Yasser Arafat, when the latter sat alone in his office at the district headquarters facing the occupation’s tanks. It was a very difficult position, and the Arab countries have abandoned Palestinians in their fight, speaking of the annexation plans.

It is noteworthy that this seminar is part of the "Down with Annexation” campaign, launched by PCPA to confront the Israeli decision.

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