Means to confront Israeli occupation’s annexation plans, discussed in a PCPA emergency meeting

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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On Monday, 22 June 2020 — The General Secretariat of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) held an emergency meeting, during which the developments of the Palestinian situation, especially the Israeli annexation plans, were discussed, in addition to the mechanisms to challenge these plans on the level of Palestine, the Arab region and the world.

Moreover, PCPA’s events and initiatives launched in the past months were evaluated, while a political, popular and media action plan was set up for the upcoming phase.

The meeting was chaired by Prof. Munir Shafiq, PCPA’s Secretary-General, who stressed that the universal power balance’s tilt is in the interest of the Palestinians today, particularly under the political crisis that the Trump administration is enduring, considering the crisis a blow to the so-called “deal of the century” that aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

With regard to the Israeli plans to annex the Jordan Valley and areas in the occupied West Bank, Shafiq added that it is necessary to unify the Palestinian efforts in the face of these plans, as part of a national scheme leading to a comprehensive uprising against the Zionist occupation.

Shafiq considered the position of the Palestinian Authority, coming as a mere rejection of the annexation plans, unsatisfactory, adding that there must be practical steps to confront Israeli decisions and the “deal of the century,” by ending the Oslo Accords and realistically halting security coordination with the occupation, as well as achieving a national unity encompassing all Palestinian forces.

He added:

"We have an opportunity that must not be lost. That is the opportunity to unite all powers, to take to the streets to confront the occupation and settlement through an integral popular uprising, and that the Palestinian people move and launch a major uprising that unites their ranks, which, in return, will receive a comprehensive popular response at the Arab, Islamic and international levels. This will help Palestinian people win — even the slackening states will find themselves cornered.”

As they took turns to speak, members of the General Secretariat indicated that PCPA harnesses all its capabilities to support a comprehensive Palestinian uprising in the face of the occupation and the recent annexation plans.

They also stressed the importance of Palestinian national unity as an effort to combat “the century deal” and the Israeli annexation plans and highlighted that it is also crucial to unify the Arab and Islamic position to address these projects seeking to liquidate the Palestinian cause and to reject normalization with the Zionist occupation.

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