Palestinians in Berlin demonstrate against annexation

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Dozens of Palestinians on Monday rallied near the US embassy in Berlin to protest Israel’s planned annexation of the Jordan Valley and large parts of the West Bank.

The demonstrators waved Palestine flags and raised banners condemning the annexation.

Leading member of the Union of Palestinian Communities in Europe Thaer Hijjo, who took part in the protest, confirmed that the Palestinians at both the official and popular levels reject Israel’s settlement policies in the occupied territories. 

Hijjo stressed the need to end the Palestinian internal division and establish a joint action to confront the Israeli attacks.

He also called on the German Parliament and the European Union to urgently act and pressure Israel to backtrack on its annexation move.

For their part, German left-wing MPs confirmed their support for the Palestinian people and rejection of the Israeli racist policies in the occupied Palestinian territories.

 Source: Both the news and the cover photo were originally published by the Palestinian Information Center.

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