Annexation is already enforced and Israeli procedures are a mere legal declaration, Dr. Anis al-Qasem

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Dr. Anis al-Qasem, former president of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA), stressed that, "The deal of the century and the Oslo Accords do not address the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, but rather they canceled [the presence of the] Palestinian people and its legitimate national rights.”

In a seminar, held on Tuesday, 23 June 2020, by the Youth Sector of the Rescue and Partnership Party, al-Qasim said:

"Those who read the Oslo Accords, especially the 1995 agreement, realize that what the Palestinian leadership has been talking about since the days of Yasser Arafat to Mahmoud Abbas’ about the right to self-determination and establishment of a state is nonsense, as there was no mention, as a text or an indication, neither positive nor negative, of the so-called national rights of the Palestinian people.”

He pointed out that the Oslo Accords have transformed the Palestinian revolution into a "guardian of occupation and settlers,” and that the eight Oslo agreements did not recognize any right for the Palestinians; contrastingly, all that was mentioned in them spoke about the Israelis and the rights of the settlers, stating that this is what prompted the Zionist occupation and America to "violate" the rights of the Palestinian people.

Regarding the legal steps that can be taken to confront the Israeli plans of annexation, al-Qasem said that the Palestinian leadership must know that there are principles in international law that save the Palestinian people and back them in claiming their rights, adding that the Palestinians have rights protected by international law, demanding that Palestinian leaders be chosen to maintain this protection.

He stated that there are more than a thousand resolutions passed by the United Nations and its entities, "the general assembly, the security council, the economic council, UNESCO and the international court," all of which recognize the rights of the Palestinian people.

He explained that the Palestinian leadership did not benefit from these legal resolutions, stressing that they are legal documents that have power before any court of law in the world.

Al-Qasem also called on the Palestinian leadership to uphold the legal principles and be armed by them, considering that it is the only language left for them to save Palestinian rights.

Concerning the requirements the Palestinian Authority must meet to challenge the annexation plans, he said:

"The current authority does not hope for anything because it has proven after 27 years of negotiations that it is unable to make the slightest progress. All it accomplished was a submission to the Israeli authority and negotiating with it.”

Furthermore, al-Qasem stated that the annexation process is practically put into force and what is happening now is only preparation to declare it according to Israeli law, indicating that in the Jordan Valley there are approximately 31 settlements and more than 20 military posts, in addition to the occupation's control of the eastern water basin there.

He added that the legal declaration of annexation gives absolute freedom to settlers residing in the Jordan Valley to expand and displace the Palestinians living there.

Al-Qasem called for the formation of new leadership by holding National Council elections to include Palestinians abroad and at home.


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