PCPA’s Salon 6: Online gathering for Palestinian poets, artists and politicians

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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On Saturday, July 4, 2020 —the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) held its 6th Salon via ZOOM, with the participation of several Palestinian poets, authors, artists and politicians.

The attendees shared, with the viewers, poems, pieces of prose, and Palestinian songs, both modern and others belonging to a long-lasting tradition, in addition to which paintings and folkloric outfits were displayed.

The Secretary-General Munir Shafiq was present on behalf of PCPA. He praised the event and expressed his utter joy over participating in such a unique experience.

A group of members of the Secretariat and the General Assembly of the Popular Conference participated in the salon, namely Mr. Moein al-Taher, Dr. Ribhi Halloum, Dr. Helmi al-Balbisi, Dr. al-Tayyib al-Dajani, and the poet Yasir Ali, along with Dr. Muhammad Abu Rayash and Dr. Khaled Salaymeh. The salon was hosted by Mr. Nader Salah, managing the presentations of a number of artists, poets and authors, including Dr. Arwa al-Shaer, director Hanan Issa, musician Halim Al-Khatib, artist Samer Issa, artist Tariq Walid, and artist Abdul Rahman Shaheen.

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