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Today the early hours of 14th of July Palestine is no longer a place according to google maps. The Gaza strip is mentioned and marked but where Palestine used to exist is now simply a part of Greater Israel.

It seems that the USA/Israeli colonization continues. Tactics of land theft that served the USA so well in disposing of its indigenous peoples have been repeated in the middle east.

First make a peace treaty after stealing some land. Then call the people you stole it from hostiles or terrorists. Break the treaty you made and then herd the wronged population into camps or reservations. Then tell the world it is a done deal and the people you stole from were only savages.

The USA/ Israeli grip on the Palestinians is becoming less like a country with a few settlers and more like concentration camps. Murder (resettlement camps) and land theft. Exactly the tactics of the Nazi party. Can Labour’s bought and sold leader, Keir Starmer defend this?

Source: The news was originally published by The WORD, along with the cover photo.

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