LP4Q: Contact with parliaments to resist the annexation plan

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The League of Parliamentarians for al-Quds (LP4Q) continues with its intensive engagement with parliaments to follow the example of the Malaysian Parliament (Dewan Rakyat), to draft legislation, which demands the expulsion of Israel from the United Nations, and to halt the annexation plan, Dr. Mohammad Makram Balawi, LP4Q’s General Director said.

Balawi pointed out that the Maldivian Parliament took a similar step when it passed a law demanding that the United Nations end the Israeli plan to annex lands in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, and to comply with international laws and norms. These measures were enacted after the LP4Q made contacts with the Maldivian Parliament.

He stressed that parliamentary measures have an impact on the Arab, Islamic and international forums. He pointed out that LP4Q would redouble its efforts to defy the wave of normalization with Israel, which has encouraged the occupation to commit more crimes against the Palestinian people.

Balawi elaborated that the pro-Palestinian efforts should gain momentum within the institutions, which support the Palestinian cause, thereby increasing the pressure on the occupation and result in increased influence in international institutions. He stressed that LP4Q uses all legal and parliamentary means available to resist the Israeli occupation’s plans to steal Palestinian lands.

Source: The news and the cover photo were originally published by Parliaments for Al Quds.

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