The UAE-Israeli normalization deal was not that surprising, Dr. Ziad Abu Laban

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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Dr. Ziad Abu Laban, a member of the General Assembly of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA), said that the “UAE’s recognition of the occupation’s state and choosing to normalize relations with it was not surprising.”
In a statement to Pal Abroad, Abu Laban said:
“The cycles of recognition and normalization with the occupation started with signing Camp David, Oslo Accords and Wadi Araba agreements.”
He stressed that the UAE did not need this deal, as it is not a confrontational state when it comes to “Israel”.  
He added: 
“The Gulf region, with its cantons, the so-called cities of the Arabian Salt, is headlining towards recognition of and normalization with ‘Israel’ since the leaders of the nation are all missing.”


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