The normalization deal is support for Netanyahu and an Emirati blessing for the occupation to persist, Dr. Ahmad Muhaisen

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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Dr. Ahmad Muhaisen, spokesperson of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA), condemned the normalization deal between the UAE and the Zionist occupation, considering it a source of support for Netanyahu and Trump, the admins of the so-called “Deal of the Century”, stressing that it is aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause, while being a trigger for Israel to continue its aggression against Palestinians.

In a statement to Pal Abroad, he said that:

“The normalization between Abu Dhabi and the occupation’s state is a treason against Jerusalem, Palestine and the blood of martyrs; it is also an Emirati blessing that allows the occupation to continue and carry out its plans, seeking to end the Palestinian cause.”

Furthermore, Dr. Muhaisen stressed that the Emirati normalization is an act of injustice against the Palestinian people, describing it as “the new stab in the back of the Palestinian people and its national cause.”

He said:

“Normalization is a new conspiracy against the Arab nation, through which the UAE will grant the Zionist entity a space to continue its crimes and aggression against Palestine and its people.”

He also addressed the justification, claiming that normalization was a step aimed at pausing the annexation plans, calling it “silly and shameful, and a stigma that the people who used that justification will bear.”

Dr. Muhaisen pointed out that the occupation is advancing with the application of the annexation plans through escalating violence against Palestinians.


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