The UAE-Israeli normalization deal a treason of Palestinian’s sacrifices, Ziad Elaloul

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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Ziad Elaloul, a spokesman for the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA), described the normalization agreement signed between the Israeli entity and the UAE as a betrayal of the sacrifices of the Palestinian people and a stab in the back, and a departure from the official and popular Arab ranks that reject normalization with the occupation.

In an interview with TRT Arabic, he said that the agreement came to rescue the occupation’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, from his political impasse, and that despite the normalization agreement, the Israeli occupation declared that the annexation project is still in place.

Elaloul emphasized that PCPA is working to confront all normalization projects, and to work with all living popular forces to form pressure against the attempts at Arab normalization with the occupation.

He pointed out that this agreement is in the interest of the Israeli occupation, and will have negative effects on the UAE, and that it indicates the weakness of the official Arab system, considering it a single step, and cautioning against the probability that several Arab capitals might join this agreement.

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