Scotland v Israel: Pro-Palestine protest to take place outside Hampden clash

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A PROTEST by a pro-Palestinian campaign group is set to take place at tonight’s Scotland v Israel match at Hampden Park.

Organised by Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the protest is set to support a call from Palestinian football players to boycott the match between the two nations.

In a heartfelt plea posted to YouTube, players asked fans to boycott the tie in solidarity, with President of the Palestinian Football Association saying: “Palestinian athletes are subjected to oppression and terrorism, including many of whom have been arrested or assassinated.

“Many of our facilities have been destroyed and free movement of players is restricted within Palestine and internationally.”

Mick Napier, a founding member of the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, said: “The SFA will be hosting a nation which has condemned by groups such as the United Nations Human Rights Council and Amnesty.

“I was around to see apartheid happen and the boycott of sports was one of the biggest ways to hit South Africa at that time.

“It seems evident to us that the public opinion is critical of Israel.”

The Nations League game will be the second time in which Scotland will come up against the Israeli National Team in a few weeks, with the Euro 2020 play-off match set for Thursday 8 October.

The protest will take place shortly before the start of the match.

Mick said: “We’re wanting to cause a stir, that is the reason for it, and we hope that they’ll be able to see our messages and banners from the team bus.

“We have advised that those attending socially distance and wear a mask.”


Source: The news first appeared on Glasgow Times, along with the cover photo, captioned as:  GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 14: Hampden Park Stadium, on April 14, 2020, in Glasgow, Scotland. .(Craig Williamson / SNS Group).. 

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