Palestinians prevent Israeli settlers from stealing land near Ramallah to set up an illegal outpost

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RAMALLAH, Tuesday, September 8, 2020 (WAFA) – Dozens of Palestinians confronted Israeli settlers last night in an area known as Ras al-Tin in the village of Kufr Malik, east of Ramallah, who attempted to steal Palestinian land to set up an illegal settlement outpost, according to witnesses.

They said that dozens of settlers sneaked into the area and started to set up caravans on the Palestinian land.

Area residents rushed to the scene and got into a fight with the settlers before forcing them to leave the area.

Israeli occupation soldiers intervened to protect the settlers and clashed with the Palestinian residents, said the witnesses. There were no reports of injuries.

Source; The news first appeared on WAFA, along with the cover photo, captioned as: Israeli settlers attacking Palestinians in West Bank. (File photo)

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