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Ladies and gentlemen, heads and official representatives of Pro-Palestine organisations in Europe,

We kindly invite you to sign with us this petition addressed to the prime ministers of Serbia and Kosovo, due to their recent announcement of agreements with Israel and the recognition of Jerusalem as its capital.

Attached is the official text in English language.

The names of the two prime ministers have been put together, but we will send a separate petition to each of them after the end of collecting the signatures.

To join us and sign this petition please Send:

- Organisation's name

- The president's name in English

- The official e-mail address.

Please send it to:

Mr. Ahmad Skineh , via message, WhatsApp message, or email :


Signatures will be collected for a period of 48 hours until Thursday midday 17/09/2020 at 12:00 o'clock , and petitions will be officially sent that late afternoon.

The official text of petition:

Mr. Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Barnbić

Mr. Prime Minister of Kosovo, Avdulla Hoti

We the Pro-Palestine organisations in Europe who sign this petition are sending you all greetings, appreciation and respect.

With great astonishment and strong condemnation, we have received the news of the agreement to be concluded between the Republics of Kosovo and Serbia with the Israeli occupation state. The agreement provides for normalisation and establishing diplomatic relations with the Israeli occupation state - that has been occupied Palestine for 72 years - as well as your plans on moving your embassies to the city of Jerusalem.

We express our condemnation and rejection of this agreement. We do consider the agreement as a dangerous step for the future of defenseless Palestinian and their struggle for freedom. We do believe this agreement stands by the oppressor against the victim that serves the Deal of the Century which aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause and obliterate the Palestinians rights.

We draw your attention to the fact that this agreement was unanimously rejected by the European Union countries, especially the issue of moving embassies to Jerusalem. This agreement violates the international law which define the Israeli Occupation and Jerusalem as a city under occupation. The international law has given the city of Jerusalem a special Status that prevents it from Judaizing it or changing any of its features. Therefore this agreement includes a set of legal, political and humanitarian violations that are not in the interest of your people's aspiring to join the European Union. The agreement is totally incompatible with the foreign policy of the European Union and the international community.

We call on both of your governments to immediately withdraw from this agreement and not to yield to American bullying that unjustly supports Israel and aims to harness the resources of the entire region for the benefit of the occupying power without any consideration for the interests of the peoples in the region or the future of thier generations.

Yours sincerely,

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