Opening of the 9th Meeting of the General Secretariat of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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On 9 November 2018, the ninth meeting of the General Secretariat of the  Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad was held in Istanbul and will last for two days, to discuss the latest developments in the Palestinian cause, and the administrative work plans of the conference, also to discuss the reports of the conference committees and the course of its work during the upcoming months.
In his speech, the Secretary-General of the Conference, Munir Shafik, highlighted the latest developments in the Palestinian, Arab and international levels. "If the Palestinians compare the current international situation with the prevailing chaos, they will find that there are prospects for action, which enables us to play a role in our Palestinian project, despite the situation possessed by the Zionist enemy," he said.
He added: "We live in a very important historical stage, which is no longer the Zionist entity strong, and the American force has declined and became weaker, we conclude that if we develop the relationship between the Palestinian factions, we can within a few months to achieve victory and success."
"We are working with the factions to move the West Bank and Jerusalem through the launch of a wide-scale peaceful popular uprising aimed at defeating the occupation and unconditionally dismantling the settlements," Shafik said of the role of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad.
He added: "We must unite and go for this offensive step, and we are not in the stage of defense, and circumstances allow to achieve something in this complex situation, Gaza today can actually disrupt Ben Gurion Airport in 5 minutes, and there are significant changes in the region that can benefit us".
And the indications of the decline of the occupation force, Shafik said: "How the Zionist entity is likely to fall balloons on him, and the burning of thousands of dunums, and this entity occupies and destroys entire villages and demolish houses, and after 6 months on the return marches and the launch of balloons, not to respond by sweeping Gaza, the only interpretation, is that the enemy lives fear of developments that can occur if it is the attacker, that means its inability to face the burning balloons.
He added: "When the enemy tries to respond with shelling, a double bombardment will be by the resistance, this indicates that the enemy is weak and unable to attack Gaza, and today the ongoing negotiations are all how to stop these balloons, even if it was in exchange for that; the lifting of the siege".
"A few weeks ago, the enemy declared a freeze on its decision to demolish the Red Khan," Shafik said. It is only offering this step because of its fear and fear of an all-out uprising in the West Bank".
On the Arab situation, Shafik said: "We assess the weak current Arab position with a positive outlook, it is no longer interfered in the Palestinian issue, and we as Palestinians if we progress in Jerusalem and the West Bank, the Arabs will follow us and take a positive attitude with us."
The ninth meeting of the General Secretariat, which began on Friday, will resume on Saturday, followed by a statement describing all the issues raised during the meeting, the conference's position on the political developments and the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and the situation of the Palestinian refugees.

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