Israeli military court convicts Palestinian activist of illegal protest, assault in West Bank

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On 6 January, the Ofer Military Court convicted a Palestinian activist of three incidents of unauthorized protesting; two incidents of hampering occupation forces’ activities, and one assault incident in the West Bank, the court list of indictment demonstrated.

Issa Amro, 40 years old and born in the city of Hebron, denied the charges, while sentencing is still to be discussed in an upcoming hearing on February 8.

All of the reported incidents took place between 2010 and 2016, the court document stated in its lay out of the case, that Amnesty International called “politically motivated.”

Who is Amro?

He is a human rights activist, reputed for non-violently resisting and bringing attention to the settler colonialist project in the West Bank, and his birthplace Hebron or al-Khalil.

He is the co-founder and former coordinator of Youth Against Settlements (YAS), a group that encourages youth of Hebron to participate in challenging the occupation policies via nonviolent methods adopted by the civil rights movements.

Amro is also the founder of Humans of Hebron, which aims to bring back the humane nature to the Palestinians of his city, who have been dehumanized and subjected to the controls of the Israeli occupation’s military for 53 years.

In 2010, he was announced the ‘Human Rights Defender of the Year in Palestine’ by the UN Office Commission of Human Rights (OCHR) and travelled the world to recount his and his community’s stories about life under the Israeli occupation’s apartheid regime. He delivered a speech at the Human Rights Council in Geneva and was rightly called Gandhi of Palestine.

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