On Palestine Children's Day, 140 minors held in Israeli occupation jails

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Marking Palestine Children's Day, the Palestine Prisoners' Club revealed that there are 140 Palestinian children in Israel jails, including two under administrative detention.

According to the Defence for Children International-Palestine, every year between 500 and 700 Palestinian children are prosecuted by Israel in military courts.

Until the end of March 2021, human rights groups have counted 230 Palestinian children detained by the Israeli occupation, mostly from Jerusalem.

Dylan Williams, former US Senate staffer and senior vice president of the advocacy group J Street, tweeted last month: "Harassment of young Palestinian children by Israeli settlers and their frequent arrest and detention by Israeli forces comprises a pattern of international law violations — and may also constitute repeated violations of US law to the extent US-sourced military equipment is used."

Palestine Children's Day is observed on 5th April every year.

Source: This news first appeared in the Middle East Monitor, along with the cover photo, captioned as: A Palestinian child waves with victory sign in front Israeli soldiers during a demonstration held by Palestinians, Israeli and foreign protesters near the Karmi Tsur Jewish settlement not far from the Palestinian village of Beit Omar in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on November 06, 2010.. [Najeh Hashlamoun/ApaImages]

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