Free Palestine protest sees hundreds take to streets in Maidenhead

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Crowds marched through Maidenhead High Street this weekend waving flags and holding placards aloft showing support for the Palestinian people.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the town hall on Saturday for a protest organised amidst the ongoing crisis in the Middle East.

Heightened tensions between "Israel" and Palestine earlier this month led to fighting in the region.

More than 200 people died with the majority of casualties coming in the Palestinian territory of Gaza.

Newly formed group, Maidenhead Free Palestine, urged people to take to the streets in the town on Saturday to raise awareness of the situation.

Organiser Sajid Khan, also a trustee at Maidenhead Mosque, said: “It’s very important that everyone understands the true picture of Palestine, what’s taking place there and why the issues are there, right from 1948 all the way to this present day.

“By people understanding the situation, the more pressure applied locally will in turn apply to the national Government and I’m hoping the Government wake up and stop supporting Israel and do the right thing and find a two-state solution.”

The march began with speeches outside Maidenhead Town Hall before protesters did a loop of the town centre waving flags and chanting ‘Free Palestine’.

A truce between "Israel" and the Palestinian militant group Hamas is continuing to hold in the region as the search for peace continues.

Source: This news first appeared in Burnham Advertiser

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