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A 'FREE PALESTINE' protest took place in Haverfordwest over the Bank Holiday weekend with around 70 people in attendance.

Along with Palestine activists, the Pembrokeshire Muslim community and trade unionists called for protests after claiming Britain's arms deals with Israel have contributed to the deaths of Palestinians.

One of those at the rally spoke about the event saying that trade unions including Unite, Unison, NEU and UCU attended as chants of "free Palestine" were made.

"The 'Free Palestine' demo assembled in Picton Fields and marched through Haverfordwest led by locally living Palestinians.

"The demo rallied in Castle Square and the 70 protesters were addressed by speakers representing trade unions including Unite, Unison, NEU and UCU highlighting the depth of solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

"Speakers from the Palestine Refugee Project, Amnesty International and Euro Relief talked about their work in Palestine and the suffering of the Palestinian people at the hands of the state of Israel."

Police were aware of the event issuing a statement saying: "We were aware of a planned ‘Free Palestine’ protest march in Haverfordwest this Sunday.

“Constructive prior engagement took place between the organisers and the local neighbourhood policing team.”

The member of the rally went on to describe how statements were made describing the solidarity Jews have with Palestinians.

"A statement was read from the Jewish Voice for Labour that emphasised that millions of Jews stand in solidarity with Palestinians.

"Representatives of the Muslim community in Pembrokeshire called for justice in Palestine and unity between other faiths and those of no faith in that pursuit, with many chants of, 'free, free Palestine'."

A press statement released before the rally put the blame of much of the destruction in Gaza at the hands of Britain.

"Britain is complicit in Israel’s murder of Palestinians.

"Arms deals with Israel are certainly lucrative. Britain has licensed over £400 million in arms sales to Israel since 2015, with the real figure certain to be higher. The equipment includes components for assault rifles, drones and warplanes, all used in attacks on Palestinians."

It's reported that at least 242 people were killed in Gaza during 11 days of fierce fighting that ended on Friday (May 21) with an Egyptian-brokered truce.

The violence came after weeks of "Israeli"-Palestinian tension in occupied East Jerusalem which culminated in clashes at a holy site revered by both Muslims and Jews.

Source: This news first appeared in Western Telegraph

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