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A delegation Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) led by Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan, president, visited the Palestine Embassy and held a meeting with Ahmed Rabei, ambassador of Palestine to express solidarity on behalf of the business community with the Palestinian people who have suffered human and financial losses due to "Israel’s" recent aggression against them.

Fatma Azim Senior Vice President ICCI and ICCI Executive Board Members including Javed Iqbal, Umar Hussain, Hafiz Bilal Munir, Naeem ur Rehman Paracha, Muhammad Shakir, Omais Khattak, Shakeel Munir, Shaukat Hayat, Ali Akram Khan and others were in the delegation.

Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan said that the Pakistani nation has great love and respect for Palestine and we as a whole nation felt very disturbed and shocked by the "Israeli’s" aggression against the innocent Palestinian people in Gaza. He said that we as a nation stand by the people of Palestine and strongly condemn the "Israeli’s" aggression against them. He urged that the world powers should play a role for a permanent solution of the Palestine issue to establish lasting peace in the region. He also presented a cheque of Rs0.45 million donated by the Office Bearers and Executive Board members of ICCI and said that ICCI would make efforts for collection of more funds from the business community for the Palestinian people affected by "Israeli’s" aggression.

Fatma Azim, senior vice president of ICCI and members of delegation also expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine and reiterated that the Pakistani nation would continue to raise its voice for a free and independent state of Palestine till the achievement of this goal.

Ahmed Rabei, ambassador of Palestine expressed thanks to the ICCI delegation for showing solidarity with the Palestinian people and donating a cheque for their financial support. He also expressed gratitude on behalf of the Palestinian people for the people and the Government of Pakistan for showing their full support through rallies and protests for the cause of a free and independent state of Palestine.

Source: This news first appeared in The News

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