Fourth protest showing support for people in Palestine will march from Guildhall on Saturday across Portsmouth

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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Portsmouth and South Downs Palestine Solidarity Campaign will be marching from Guildhall Square at midday to a rally in Castle Field about an hour later.

In May 2021 "Israel" launched another aerial bombardment of Gaza, targeting the majority refugee population in the enclave. The 11 days of relentless bombardment killed at least 248 Palestinians and injured thousands.

Mark Sage, spokesman for the group, said: ‘While the bombs may have temporarily stopped falling, Israel’s regime of systematic discrimination against the Palestinian people, amounting to the crime of apartheid under international law, continues.

‘Palestinians in Gaza still live under a suffocating blockade; Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem still live under occupation; Palestinian citizens of Israel still face a plethora of discriminatory laws and policies; while the largest group of Palestinians – those in exile – are still unable to return to the homes from which they, or their family, were forcibly expelled.

‘Palestinians, wherever they are located, remain unable to exercise their basic right to self-determination.

‘Israeli apartheid can only be sustained because of the complicity of a range of governments, including those of the G7. The G7 includes the biggest suppliers of arms and military technology to the Israeli state, which are vital to enforce Israel’s regime of oppression.’

‘All governments have an obligation to end their complicity and help dismantle apartheid. Instead of aiding and abetting Israel’s racist rule over the Palestinian people, the G7 must end all military-security cooperation with Israel, and employ targeted sanctions until Israel complies with international law.’

Source: This news first appeared in The News

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