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The eighteenth meeting of the General Secretariat of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad was launched in Istanbul, Friday, August 27, 2021, to discuss the developments of the current Palestinian situation regarding the Palestinian political situation and the "Israeli" aggression against Jerusalem, and to unify the efforts of Palestinians abroad.

Munir Shafiq, Secretary-General of the conference, said that the recent battle of Saif al-Quds expanded the circle of engagement with "Israel" to include all of Palestine, with the aim of putting an end to the "Israeli" incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque and preventing the displacement of the residents of Jerusalem's neighborhoods.

He added: "One of the results of the battle of Saif al-Quds is that the Ramallah authority has lost the initiative and is still in a state of confusion and loss as long as it adheres to Oslo, and it is a collapsed authority that has nothing but security coordination with the occupation."

Shafiq indicated that the option of negotiations has ended and that the decision today is for the Palestinian resistance, calling on the Fatah movement to join Saif Al-Quds and return to the resistance. The Secretary-General considered that it is necessary to work to support the resistance of the Palestinian people at home and to confront the Zionist plans abroad, through the development of programs and tools of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad and the unification of Palestinians in Palestine and all efforts abroad.

For his part, Deputy Secretary-General of the Popular Conference, Hisham Abu Mahfouz, said that supporting the resistance of the Palestinian people in Palestine needs the popular and political incubator abroad, and that the Popular Conference is working in this framework.

Abu Mahfouz indicated that the conference will hold several political workshops during the coming period in consultation with the various components of the Palestinian people abroad, leading to the holding of the second general conference of the People's Conference for Palestinians abroad with a clear political vision to enhance the role of Palestinians abroad in the Palestinian national project.

Dr. Mohsen Saleh, a member of the Conference's General Secretariat, said that disrupting and postponing the Palestinian elections closed the reconciliation file and ended in frustration among the Palestinian people and a loss of confidence and credibility in the authority.

He pointed out that the results of the Battle of Saif Al-Quds, which were achieved through the resistance, formed a popular rally at home and abroad and even internationally around Jerusalem and the resistance, and that the Palestinian Authority still insists on the path of security coordination and proved this by assassinating political activist Nizar Banat.

He stressed that the Palestinian legitimacy is based on the idea of ​​a people living under occupation, and therefore needs leadership to unleash its enormous potential and energies for the sake of liberation.

He added: "The basic entitlement in the coming days must take place in a kind of Palestinian alignment around the program of Jerusalem and the resistance, as it is the only program that brings everyone together, especially after the failure of the negotiation program."

Saleh stressed the need for a transitional leadership to be accepted by the Palestinian people and lead to a real change in the arrangement of the Palestinian house within a political program based on preserving the Palestinian constants, the resistance and the right in Palestine as a whole.

He called on popular institutions and active Palestinian personalities to work to change the Palestinian reality, and to put forward initiatives within the framework of unions and unions to serve the Palestinian people.

Dr. Ahmed Muhaisen, the official spokesman for the Popular Conference, said that it is time for the current authority to leave, describing it as a stumbling block in the way of the Palestinian people, and that it is necessary to work to change the current Palestinian reality in order to serve the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinians.

Dr. Helmy Al-Balbisi, member of the General Secretariat of the Popular Conference, referred in his speech to the political and popular role required of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, whether through communication with the Palestinian people in Palestine and in the camps abroad with the aim of forming a unified Palestinian political position rejecting the policy of the Palestinian Authority and security coordination with the occupation.

Al-Balbisi stressed the importance of supporting the Palestinian resistance and the people of Jerusalem neighborhoods threatened with displacement, internationalizing the issue of Jerusalem and mobilizing support against "Israeli" practices of Judaization.

The interventions of the members of the General Secretariat witnessed many issues related to the conditions of the Palestinian camps abroad and the mechanisms for supporting the Palestinian camps and gatherings in light of the current crises.

The two-day meeting of the General Secretariat will also discuss ways to develop the working mechanisms of the Popular Conference for Palestinians abroad in a way that serves the Palestinian cause and enhances the status of Palestinians abroad in the Palestinian national project, and arrangements for holding the second general conference.

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