Khaled Tarani: "Recent American movement is a radical change and the result of Palestinians efforts in America"

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The Palestinian political activist in the United States, Khaled Tarani, stated that the new wave or the new movement in the United States in support with Palestinian rights is really the result of so many years and so much effort by so many activists over the years, in order to affect this changes that were seen in the United States.

Tarani asssumed that this is an extremely important development for us as Palestinians and as believers in the rights of Palestinians, now that it is being translated into members of Congress being elected and who are very strong in their support of Palestinians. 

Moreover, he added that this is a manifestation of a lot of efforts by so many people to support Palestinians like Dock Workers that refused the unloading of an "Israeli" ship because they look at "Israel" as an apartheid regime, which it is. But, to see that in the United States, I think that it is an extremely important development.

However, we can not rest because we have some supporters, of course the number has increased significantly especially those who are elected to Congress and the national sentiment in the United States became more supportive of Palestinians but we have a long way to go and so much more to accomplish.



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