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In August 2010 the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) launched the following pledge, initially signed by over 140 (now 1,333) Irish creative and performing artists, whereby they undertake to boycott "Israel" under present circumstances:

“In response to the call from Palestinian civil society for a cultural boycott of "Israel", we pledge not to avail of any invitation to perform or exhibit in "Israel", nor to accept any funding from any institution linked to the government of "Israel", until such time as "Israel" complies with international law and universal principles of human rights.”  See the full list of signatories below.

In January 2020,  The ‘Irish Artists’ Pledge to Boycott Israel’ reached landmark 1000 signatures. 

In its statement in August 2020, The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of "Israel" (PACBI) strongly welcomed the Irish artists’ ‘pledge’ to boycott "Israeli" cultural institutions until "Israel" complies with international law.

it added that the pledge not only represents a significant victory for the ethical responsibilities of international cultural figures; a key factor in the cultural boycott of "Israel", but is a ground breaking strategy in supporting Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice.

The artists who have signed are aware of the "Israeli" Foreign Ministry’s statement in 2005 that “We see culture as a propaganda tool of the first rank, and…do not differentiate between propaganda and culture.” These artists refuse to allow their art to be exploited by an apartheid state that disregards international law and universal principles of human rights, but look forward to the day when normal cultural relations can be re-established with an "Israel" that fully complies with such laws and principles.

In 2005, when 170 Palestinian civil society organisations called a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against "Israel", they provided a central plank for worldwide activism on behalf of their cause. Culture cannot stand aloof from such activism. Whether or not art is ‘above politics’, its presentation and representation in the real world can all too easily be hijacked by oppressive states. With this pledge, Irish artists have an opportunity to distance themselves from such exploitation, and to take a non-violent stand on behalf of the oppressed Palestinian people.

Full List of Signatories (1,333)
Last Updated: 22- September- 2021

Astrid Adler – Visual Artist, musician, mime artist

John Arden – Playwright, novelist

Siobhán Armstrong – Musician

Derek Ball – Composer

Robert Ballagh – Visual artist

Margo Banks – Painter

Cormac Begley – Musician

Liam Bradley – Musician

Diarmuid Breatnach – Musician, poet

Cecily Brennan – Artist

Ronan Browne – Musician

Conor Byrne – Musician

Roisin Byrne – Visual artist

Séamas Cain – Poet, performance artist

Moya Cannon – Poet

Liam Carson – Scríbhneoir

Clare Cashman – Visual artist

Rhona Clarke – Composer

Siobhán Cleary – Composer

Mickey Coleman – Singer/songwriter

Joe Comerford – Filmmaker

Michael Connerty – Musician (Afterwardness)

Neilí Conroy – Actor

Dorothy Cross – Sculptor

Charles Cullen – Visual artist

Michael Cullen († July 2020) – Painter

Cindy Cummings – Dance artist

Sinéad Cusack – Actor

Margaretta Darcy – Author and playwright

John F. Deane – Writer

Raymond Deane – Composer

Seamus Deane – Author († May 2021)

Renate DeBrun – Painter and printmaker

Damien Dempsey – Singer

Tim Dennehy – Singer/songwriter

Keith Donald – Musician

Philip Donnery – Musician

Gráinne Dowling – Visual artist

Kevin Doyle – Writer

Robert Doyle – Musician

Roger Doyle – Composer

Felim Egan – Visual artist († November 2020)

Martin A. Egan († November 2015) – Musician

Naisrín Elsafty – Singer

Róisín Elsafty – Singer

Zahrah Elsafty – Singer

Elaine Feeney – Poet

Stephen Gardner – Composer

Anthony Glavin – Novelist and short story writer

Dearbhla Glynn – Filmmaker

Johnny Gogan – Filmmaker

Carmel Gunning – Musician

Marie Hanlon – Visual artist

Robbie Harris – Musician

Paul Hayes – Composer

Graham Henderson – Musician

Donogh Hennessy – Musician, composer and performer

Rita Ann Higgins – Poet

Michael Holohan – Composer

Andy Irvine – Musician

Ryan Johnson – Musician

Fergus Johnston – Composer

Fred Johnston – Poet

Trevor Joyce – Poet

Bernadette Kiely – Painter

Brian King – († April 2017) Sculptor

Vincent Kennedy – Composer

Trevor Knight – Music/theatre

Conor Kostick – Novelist

Gavin Kostick – Playwright

Dave Lordan – Poet

Donal Lunny –Musician

Pól MacAdaim – Singer/songwriter

Iarla Mac Aodha Bhuí – Scríbhneoir

Mickey MacConnell – Singer/songwriter

Tony Mac Mahon – Musician

Lorcán Mac Mathúna – Singer

Alice Maher – Visual Artist

Brenda Malloy – Musician

Jimmy McCarthy – Singer/songwriter

Martin McElhinney – Musician (Coldwar)

Paul Nash – Musician (Coldwar)

Trevor McLave – (Coldwar)

Joe McGowan – Author

Jackie McKenna – Sculptor

John McLachlan – Composer

Joleen McLaughlin – Musician (Henry Girls)

Karen McLaughlin – Musician (Henry Girls)

Lorna McLaughlin – Musician (Henry Girls)

Tina Mc Laughlin- Singer/songwriter

Eoin McLochlainn – Visual artist

John McSherry – Musician

Paula Meehan – Poet

Thom Moore († March 2018)- Songwriter, writer/translator

Sharon (Shaz) Morgan – Musician, photographer

Sami Moukkadem – Musician, filmmaker, writer

Hassan Ould Muctar – Musician

Conor Mullan – Musician

Janet Mullarney († April 2020) – Visual artist

Gráinne Mulvey – Composer

Deirdre Murphy – Musician and playwright

Niamh Ní Charra – Musician

Peadar Ó Ceannabháin – Singer

Saileog Ní Cheannabháin – Musician

Treasa Ní Cheannabháin – Singer

Áine Ní Chuaig – Musician

Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh – Musician/singer

Liam Noonan – Musician (Digital Disorder)

Dave Murphy – Musician (Digital Disorder)

Keith McGovern – Musician (Digital Disorder)

Ken Deasy – Musician (Digital Disorder)

Pádraig Ó Baoill – Scríbhneoir

Niall Ó Callanáin – Musician

Eamonn O’Doherty († August 2011) – Architect, sculptor

Méabh O Hare – Musician/filmmaker

Jane O’Leary – Composer

Brian Ó hUiginn – Musician

Donal O’Kelly – Playwright/actor

Ciarán Ó Maonaigh – Ceoltóir

Seosamh O Neachtain – Dancer

Eoin O’Neill – Musician

Jerry O’Reilly – Singer

Peadar Ó Riada – Ceoltóir

Gregory Rosenstock – Writer

Pauline Scanlon – Singer

Rossa Ó Snodaigh – Ceoltóir (Kíla)

Brian Hogan – Ceoltóir (Kíla)

Colm Ó Snodaigh – Ceoltóir (Kíla)

Paul O’Toole – Singer/songwriter

Michael Quane – Sculptor

Bob Quinn – Visual artist/filmmaker

Jim Ricks – Visual artist

Stephen Rothschild – Painter/printmaker

Mary Russell – Author

Dermot Seymour – Painter

John W. Sexton – Poet

Eileen Sheehan – Poet

Ronan Sheehan – Novelist

Michael Smith († November 2014) – Poet and translator

Moira Tierney – Filmmaker

Hugh Travers – Writer

Caoimhín Vallely – Ceoltóir

Laura Vecchi – Painter/writer

John Wakeman – Poet

Hilary Wakeman – Author

Hazel Walker – Visual artist

William Wall – Author

Ronan Wilmot – Actor/director

Steve Woods – Filmmaker

Adam Wyeth – Poet

Luke Mercer – Musician (Oddsocks Revival)

Adrian White – Writer

Tom Fitzgerald – Visual artist

Clara Rose – Musician

Conor McGrady – Visual artist

Dermot McLaughlin – Musician

Michael Owens – Singer/songwriter

Anthony Fox – Actor, writer

Conor Grimes – Writer, actor

Stuart Nealon – Poet

Darach Ó Scolaí – Writer

Cahal Johnson – Musician

Michael Gallagher – Photographer

Kevin Spratt (aka Captain Moonlight) – Musician

Cara Dillon – Musician

Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh – Ceoltóir

Fiach (Moriarty) – Singer/songwriter

Loreana Rush – Photographer

Alice Hanratty – Painter

Barry McGovern – Actor

Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill – Poet

Lillis Ó Laoire – Musician

Stephen Rea – Actor

Liam Ó Maonlaí – Musician

Ellen Cranitch – Musician

Sharon Shannon – Musician

Seamus Cashman – Poet

Julius Guzy – Painter

Dermot Browne – Painter

Denise Cassidy – Painter

Kevin Crawford – Musician

Gráinne Holland – Musician (Casadh)

Frainc Mac Cionnaith – Musician (Casadh)

Nioclás Mac Cathmhaoil – Musician (Casadh)

Barry Kerr – Artist and musician

John Steele – Musician

Conor Biggs – Musician

Robbi McMillen – Singer

Alan O Connor – Photographer

Sarah Clancy – Poet

Maria McManus – Poet and playwright

Tiona McSherry – Musician

Paul McSherry – Musician

Daragh Carville – Playwright and screenwriter

Harry Moore – Artist

Dylan Walshe – Singer/songwriter

Melissa Nolan – Actor

Anthony Kane (aka The Lonely Schizophrenic) – Musician

John Ryan – Author

Dermot Kelly – Photographer

Ciaran Dwyer – Singer/songwriter

Tommy Halferty – Musician

Finian Cunninghman – Singer/songwriter

Eamon Murray – Musician

Rynagh O’Grady – Actor

Padraig Murray – Actor

Michal Leman-Lemanski – Theatre producer/cultural project manager

Sara Horgan – Visual artist

Pat ‘deVerse’ Burke – Traditional Singer/Songwriter

Denise Woods – Director of photography

Paul Flynn – Composer

Glenda Cimino – Writer, actor, director

Shane Cullen – Visual artist

Jaki McCarrick – Writer

Tim Ording – Singer/songwriter (Melodica Deathship)

Roisin Ni Galloglaigh – Musician

Kevin McCarthy – Visual artist

Joby Fox – Songwriter

Rik Walton – Photographer

Connor Kelly – Poet/musician

Katrin Neue – Dancer and choreographer

Pamela Brown – Poet

Paul Kirby – Visual artist

Barry Hamilton – Filmmaker and director

Luke Fallon – Cartoonist

Ciaran Murphy – Singer/songwriter

Seán Harrington – Architect

Cormac O’Neill – Visual artist

Eamonn Crudden – Filmmaker

Fares Fares – Visual artist/photographer

Brian Dunning – Musician

Paul C. Reynolds – Photographer

Andrew Edgar – Artist

Tim Daly – Lyricist

Gerry Fitzgerald – Musician (The Lee Harveys)

Stephen Cashell – Musician (The Lee Harveys)

Paul O Brien – Musician (The Lee Harveys)

Alice Walsh – Writer

Daniel Lynch (aka Danny Diatribe) – MC (Diatribe & The Crimson Underground)

Garvan McCann (aka The Crimson Underground) – Producer (Diatribe & The Crimson Underground)

Mick Hannigan – IndieCork Film Festival

Mikael Fernström – Multi-media artist

Des Donnelly (aka Drax) – Poet

Seamus Doyle – Musician

Shane O’Shea (aka Naphta) – DJ/Producer

Diarmuid Slattery (aka Diarmo) – DJ/Producer/Musician

Graham Montgomery – Musician

Daragh McCarthy – Filmmaker

Kevin Barrington – Poet

Joe McGill – Painter, sculptor and poet

Robbie Perry – Musician

Hugh McFadden – Poet, literary critic and editor

Catherine Ann Cullen – Poet

Martin Naarendorp (aka Ras Tinny) – Deejay

Leon Guilfoyle – Musician (Lluther)

Hytham Martin – Musician (Lluther & Eyesclosed)

Eoghan O’Neill [1] († March 2017) – Sculptor

Eoghan O’Neill [2] – Musician (Early House)

Kevin Rowsome – Musician

Khaled Ajamia – Filmmaker

Rónan Guilfoyle – Jazz musician/Composer

Dylan Tighe – Musician, theatre director and writer

Seán Murray – Filmmaker

Jim McKee – Artist, singer and songwriter

Pa Curran – Singer/Songwriter

Katie O’Kelly – Actor and playwright

Keith O’Brien – Composer

Benjamin Dwyer – Composer and guitarist

Bernadette Hopkins – Artist

Mary Costello – Writer

Kimberly Campanello – Poet

Vincent Doherty – Traditional singer and musician

Jane Jermyn – Ceramic artist

Karl Parkinson – Writer/Poet

Colin Dunne – Dancer

Anthony Jackson – Hip-Hop Artist

Sebastian Clare – Writer and Voice Artist

Kathryn Maguire – Artist

Brian Kavanagh – Artist

Mollie Barrow – Artist

Liosa Ni Chiarain – Artist, Tatooist, Singer/Songwriter

Tom J. Byrne – Artist

Sue Cosgrave – Author and poet

Philip Fogarty – Musician

Anna Lardi – Musician

John Nee (aka Little John Nee) – Writer/Performer

Philip Casey – Poet, Novelist († February 2018)

Edel Meade – Musician

Honor Heffernan – Singer/Musician

Edward Boyne – Poet

Jürgen Simpson – Composer

Jackie Askew – Visual artist

Richard Geraghty – Filmmaker, photographer, musician

Maeve McCarthy – Visual artist

Katherine Duffy – Poet

Harry Bradley – Traditional musician

Peter Cummins – Musician (The Fleadh Cowboys)

Sile Denvir – Musician

Tiarnan O Duinnchinn – Traditional musician

Siobhán Peoples – Traditional musician

Katie Theasby – Singer

Fiona Kelleher – Musician

Paul Bradley – Fiddle player

John Carty – Musician

Eimer Casey – Musician

Ger Costelloe – Singer/Songwriter

Kate Thompson – Author

Leonard Barry – Musician

Mick Blake – Singer/songwriter

Liam P. Bradley – Musician

Paddy Kerr – Musician

Paula Leyden – Author

Conor Caldwell – Musician

Philip Crickard – Musician

Noirin Lynch – Singer

Ger Ryan – Actor

Roisin Broderick – Musician

Thierry Masure – Fiddle player

Tara Baoth Mooney – Singer and musician

Clodagh Downing – Actor

Celine Kiernan – Author

Melissa Joan Diem – Poet, writer and visual artist

Denyse Woods – Novelist

Colm Mac Con Iomaire – Ceoltóir / Musician

Fionnbharr Ó Súilleabháin – Fine art photographer

Eleanor Methven – Actor

Eoghan McGrath – Visual artist

Ian Lynch – Singer/musician (Lankum)

Mael Coll Rua – Poet

Guiseppe Torre – Digital artist

Kinbria / Sorrellium – Musician, Recording artist, poet

Paul Larkin – Filmmaker and author

Una Keane – Musician

Kevin Liddy – Writer, director

Mary Murphy – Author, illustrator

Lawrence O’Donnell – Musician (Yearning Curve)

Laura Ann Brady – Musician

Amanda Feery – Composer

Jose Miguel Jimenez – Actor and theatre director

Niamh McCann – Actor

Rory Pierce – Composer, cellist

Will Irvine – Actor

Gina Moxley – Actor/writer/director

Joanna Thompson – Artist

Alan Holly – Animation filmmaker

Jim Maginn – Photographer

Steve O’Sullivan (AKA Evil Uncle) – Musician

Tob Swift – Musician

Ella Clarke – Dance artist

Gary Lawlor – Musician (The Druids)

Mick Dunne – Musician (The Druids)

Mick O’Brien – Musician (The Druids)

Paddy Mangan – Musician (The Druids)

Noni Stapleton – Actor

Dahí Jim – Singer/writer

Dee Roycroft – Writer, actor

Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin – Musician

Mary Barnecutt – Musician/writer

Paul Murnaghan – Visual artist

Oonagh Kearney – Filmmaker and writer

Rossa Mullin – Filmmaker

Grace Weir – Visual Artist

Joe Walker – Visual Artist

Pat Walker – Visual Artist

Tamara Him – Photographer

Thomas Mallon – Musician (Astralnaut)

Seoidin O’Sullivan – Artist

Jessica Traynor – Poet

Paul McCloskey – Visual artist

Mel Healy – Novelist

Brian Cross – Photographer/filmmaker

Margo Harkin – Filmmaker

Steve Wall – Musician

Kevin Curran – Author

Adrienne Geoghegan – visual artist/writer

Sean O’Reilly – Writer

Anamaria Crowe Serrano – Poet

Doireann Ní Ghríofa – Poet/File

Séighean Ó Draoi – Sculptor

Patricio Casssinoni – Artist and photographer

Afric McGlinchey – Poet

Dave Fleming – Musician

John Conneely – Musician

Jessamine O’Connor – Poet

Petr Pandula – Musician

Lia Mills – Writer

Ceara Conway – Visual artist

Steve Hanks – Musician

Christodoulos Makris – Poet

Derbhle Crotty – Actor

Margo Carr – Actor, comedian

John Joyce – Musician

Kathleen Joyce – Musician

Aindrias Stack – Actor, musician, storyteller

Robin Parmar – Sound artist and poet

Carmel McCreagh – Singer/Writer

Seamas Mac Annaidh – Scribhneoir (Writer)

Allen Kiely – Photographer

Cathal Synnott – Musician

Ronit Lentin – Novelist

Adrian Kenny – Writer

Lou McMahon – Singer/Songwriter

Aoife Scott – Singer

Frances Black – Singer

David Carmody – Musician

Vanessa Gildea – Filmmaker

Barbara O’Meara – Visual artist

Daniel Doyle – Sculptor

Pat Nolan – Actor

Rory Tangney – Artist

Mark O’Halloran – Actor

John Buckley – Visual artist

Gari Deegan – Singer/songwriter

Izumi Kimura – Pianist

Tim Wallace-Murphy – Author

Raymond Beggan – Photographer, musician

Pat Boran – Poet

Michael Budd – Blacksmith and sculptor

Bernard Clarke – Radiophonic artist

Don Lydon – Musician

Nicki Griffin – Writer

Raymond Keane – Actor, writer, director

Desmond Traynor – Writer, musician

Van Poynton – Filmmaker

Liam Cagney – Writer

Elder Roche – Musician

Cormac O’Leary – Visual artist

Tim Fleming – Cinematographer

Gregory Daly – Musician

Darragh Graham – Musician (Hermitage Green)

Darragh Griffin – Musician (Hermitage Green)

Dan Murphy – Musician (Hermitage Green)

Barry Murphy – Musician (Hermitage Green)

Dermot Sheedy – Musician (Hermitage Green)

Ollie Plunkett – Musician (The Lost Messiahs)

Ian Wilson – Composer

Seán Hillen – Artist

Wissam Abdel Samad – Photographer

Mary Ryan – Actor, singer

Krystyna Rawicz – Poet, artist

Sueanne Moore – Artist

Cian Finn – Singer/Songwriter

Lorraine O’Brien – Musician

Andrew Glenn – Artist

Medbh Gillard – Artist

Ciarán MacUilliam – Musician (Primordial)

Michael O Floinn – Musician (Primordial)

Simon O’Laoghaire – Musician (Primordial)

Philip McFadden – Sculptor & artist

Patrick Bradley – Painter & sculptor

Audrey Doherty – Milliner and Raqs Sharqi artist (Eastern Dance)

Joe O’Byrne – Writer/director

Sarah Hayden – Writer

Daithi Brophy – Painter

Mary Kelly – Visual artist

Ronan Tully – Theatre artist

Vincent Wood – Composer and musician

Niall Vallely – Musician

Karan Casey – Singer

Dan Acheson – Musician (The Wood Burning Savages)

Wally Cassidy – Photographer

Fatin Al-Tamimi – Photographer

Deirdre Mackel – Artist

June Butler – Artist

Paul Walls – Artist

Carl Taylor – Artist

Colm Keegan – Writer, poet

Kathleen McCreery – Writer, actor, director

Colin Stanley – Musician (Big Bag of Tricks / Queen Elvis)

Johanne Webb – Actor, director

Paul Brady – Singer/songwriter

Breandán Clarke – Visual artist

Colin Darke – Visual artist

Brian Brannigan – Singer/songwriter (A Lazarus Soul)

Mary Coughlan – Singer

Áilbhe Hines – Performance artist / Community arts activist

John Dorman – Architect, artist

Aodán McCardle – Poet / performance artist

Jenny Bassett – Drama and movement practitioner

Jim Roche – Architect

Micilín Mac An Rí – Musician (The Blaggards)

Jesse Jones – Visual artist

Elizabeth Clyne – Architect

Fergal Gaynor – Writer

Tom O’Dea – Artist

Mark Price – Architect

Conor O’Reilly – Composer & musician

Roisín O’Donnell – Writer

Mary Byrne – Architect

Wissame Cherfi – Filmmaker

Cora Venus Lunny – Musician

David G. Buckley – Singer/songwriter

Martin Tourish – Musician/ Composer

Ali Morrison – Musician

Sokol Koka – Musician

Declan McHale – Irish dancer

Édaín Ní Dhomhnaill – Visual artist

Sorcha Fox – Actor

Ben Williams (Mark Benjamin Williams) – Musician

Duncan Patterson – Musician

Ray Murphy – Visual artist

Fiachra Trench – Composer

Caroline Kuyper – Craft artist

Kirsti Kotilainen – Visual artist

Hans-Christian Oeser – Literary Translator

John Ennis – Poet

Peter Duffy – Performer / actor / director / choreographer

Brenda Carroll – Visual artist

Hannah Khalil – Writer

Rosaleen Tanham – Visual artist

Rachael Hegarty – Poet / writer

Joseph Kelly – Visual artist

Paul Murray – Writer

Ronan Tynan – Filmmaker

William Leo Coakley – Poet

Katharine May – Visual artist

David Gepp – Photographer

Mollie Barrow – Glass Artist

John Brady – Graphic Artist

Jenni Ledwell – Actor

Niamh De Barra – Musician

David Lloyd – Poet

Stephen Murphy – Poet

Dave Kinane – Artist

Sean Taylor – Artist

Eric Burke – Musician (Ainriail)

Tommy Foster – Musician (Ainriail)

John Spillane – Musician and songwriter

Maeve Kelly – Musician

Sadhbh O’Sullivan (AKA Sive) – Singer-songwriter and musician

Brian Healy – Musician (The Jollars)

Bob Kavanagh († December 2019) – Musician (The Jollars)

Nora Lewon – Musician (The Jollars)

Mike Murphy – Broadcaster

Barry Murphy – Comedian

Eileen Myles – Poet

Gene Barry – Poet

Carolyn Goodwin – Musician

Cormac Breatnach – Musician

Ciarán O’Rourke – Poet

Brian Fleming – Musician

Brendan Dorris – Dancer

Cahal McLaughlin – Documentary filmmaker

Edward Kennedy – Filmmaker and poet

Danny McGreevy – Musician

Jason O’Rourke – Musician and writer

Rachel Ballagh – Visual artist

Damian O Donoghue – Musician

Patsy Watchorn – Singer and musician

Niamh Phelan – Musician

Emer Martin – Writer

Ann Ryan – Visual artist

Aindriú O Coimín – Lighting designer and producer

Gabriel Brady – Singer/Songwriter

Mick Mulvey – Traditional musician

Deirdre Nic an tSionnaigh – Ceoltóir

Sophie Meehan – Poet and writer

Choy-Ping Clarke-Ng – Visual artist and performer

Noel McQuaid – Musician

Norma Burke – Filmmaker

Sarah Franklyn – Musician and singer-songwriter

Shona Shirley Macdonald – Artist

Paul Laughlin – Poet

Chris O’Donnell – Musician

Syl Morrison – Producer

Maria McGrath – Musician & Producer

James Donnellan – Musical artist

Mags O’Brien – Playwright

Shahidah Janjua – Poet

Martin Farrelly – Musician

Mary Jordan – Actor

Niall Cuddy – Performing artist and musician

Mary Black – Singer

Madi O’Carroll – Actor

Leila Afhim – Designer and illustrator

Bridie Monds-Watson (AKA Soak) – Singer/songwriter

James Redmond – Documentary filmmaker

Carrie Crowley – Actor

John Doyle – Poet

Áine Uí Fhoghlú – Poet/File

Peter Reid – Playwright and threatre director

Shane Sutton – Visual artist

Muireann de Barra – Documentary filmmaker

Kate Nolan – Photographer

Kate O’Shea – Visual artist

Dragana Jurisic – Visual artist

Jane Deasy – Composer & theatre artist

Seán Maguire – Poet & writer

Tadhg Kelleher – Sound engineer & musician

Ian Knox – Political cartoonist

Noel Farrell – Writer and abstract artist

Patsy Preston – Visual artist

Olwen Fouéré – Actor and theatre writer/director

Fiona McGeown – Actor and theatre director

Alison Conneely – Designer

Noel Walsh – Musician

Andy Tyler-White – Musician

Charlie Easterfield – Sculptor

Willem Minjon – Visual artist

Órla Mc Govern – Performer/writer

Mick Kennedy – Singer/songwriter

Áine Tyrrell – Singer-songwriter

Kevin Squires – Graphic designer and typographer

Seán Tyrell – Musician

Bernadette Kiely – Visual artist

Frankie Quinn – Photographer

Will Beavan – Traditional Irish and Scottish musician

Brian Sweeney – Musician (Freespeakingmonkey)

Ciaran Rock – Musician (Freespeakingmonkey)

Henry Pierce – Musician (Freespeakingmonkey)

Dee Armstrong – Musician (Kíla and Freespeakingmonkey)

Garrett Phelan – Visual artist

Tony Doherty – Writer

Sarah McDowell – Visual artist

Erin Quinn – Visual artist

Eugene O’Hare – Actor and playwright

Darren Byrne – Singer/songwriter

Geraldine Bradley – Singer

John Faulkner – Musician

Mick McNally – Musician

Paul P. Kelly – Architect

Michael Doherty – Architect and  visual artist

Róisín Loughrey – Filmmaker / Artist

Alan Counihan – Visual artist

Enagh Farrell – Illustrator

Vukasin Nedeljkovic – Artist

Shane Serrano – Filmmaker and musician

Taryn De Vere – Performance artist and writer

Joe Rooney – Comedian, writer and actor

Karen Cowley – Musician (Wyvern Lingo)

Caoimhe Barry – Musician (Wyvern Lingo)

Saoirse Duane – Musician (Wyvern Lingo)

David Travers – Musician (Dangerous Dave & the Side Effects)

Ash McVeigh – Musician (Dangerous Dave & the Side Effects)

Killian O’Reilly – Musician (Dangerous Dave & the Side Effects)

Danny O’Reilly – Musician (Dangerous Dave & the Side Effects)

Corban Walker – Sculptor

Maria Tivnan – Theatre Practitioner

Roisin El Cherif – Singer and film maker

Martin Vernon – Poet

Gary McFarlane (aka Autumn Owls) – Musician

Estelle Birdy – Poet

 Séamus O’Brien – Visual artist

Joe Mooney – Filmmaker

Brian O’Flaherty – Filmmaker

Vicky Langan – Sound Artist / Filmmaker

Julie Goo – Poet

Kevin Barry – Writer

Charles Hendy – Musician (TPM and The Mary Wallopers)

Andrew Hendy – Musician (TPM and The Mary Wallopers)

Seán Mckenna- Musician (TPM and The Mary Wallopers)

Jack O’Donnell – Musician (TPM)

Helena Close – Writer and playwright

Rajinder Singh – Artist

Rosita Sweetman – Author

Constance Short – Visual artist

Leona Lee Cully – Writer

Mo Chara – MC (Kneecap)

Móglaí Bao- MC (Kneecap)

DJ Provaí – Musician (Kneecap)

Elaine Mai – Producer, songwriter and singer

Kevin Brannigan – Documentary filmmaker

Anna Mieke – Musical artist

Marie Rooney – Musician (PowPig)

Andrea Mocanu – Musician (PowPig)

Laura Drennan – Musician (PowPig)

Leah O’Donnell – Musician (PowPig)

Emma Langford – Singer/songwriter

Neal Keating (aka Nealo) – Singer and rapper

Paul Duane – Filmmaker

Herb Magee (aka ArvoParty) – Musician

David A. Tapley  – Musician (Tandem Felix)

Áine O’Hara – Artist

Ciara Kenny (aka Ciaraíoch) – Illustrator

Ross Shannon (aka ICE POP) – Musician

Roxanna Nic Liam – Actor and spoken word artist

Annie West – Illustrator and  cartoonist

Post Punk Podge – Musician

Steo Wall – Singer/songwriter

Kate Escolin – Illustrator and artist

Jerome McCormick (aka Imploded View) – Electronic music artist

Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson (aka CMAT) – Popstar

Fiona Moran – Illustrator and artist

Pauric O’Meara – Singer/songwriter

Dave Tynan – Writer and director

Stephen O’Dowd – Musician (Handsome Eric)

Aaron Griffin – Musician

Padraig Cooney – Musician and songwriter (Autre Monde)

Síomha Hennessy  – Musician (Sisterix)

Ornait Hennessy – Musician (Sisterix)

Imogen Gunner – Musician and composer

Paddy Mulcahy – Composer and producer

Luke Reilly – Musician (Blood Donor)

Danny Groenland – Musician (Danny G & The Major 7ths )

Mícheál Keating – Musician (Bleeding Heart Pigeons)

Brendan McInerney – Musician (Bleeding Heart Pigeons)

Cathal Histon – Musician (Bleeding Heart Pigeons)

Kevin Murphy – Musician (Slow Moving Clouds)

Ultan O’Brien – Musician (Slow Moving Clouds)

Bernadette Morris – Performer/musician

Declan Synnott – Musician

Fiona O’Dwyer – Artist

Al Cowan – Musician

Paul Dooley – Musician

Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin – Musician

Mary O’Donnell – Poet and writer

Aaron Nolan – DJ

Paul Alwright (aka Lethal Dialect) –  Rapper

Morgan C. Jones – Actor

Valerie Driscoll – Artist

Keith Ridgway – Writer

Eimear Walshe – Artist and writer

Megan Nolan – Writer

Liam Hourican – Actor

Jack Hogan – Artist

John B. Vallely – Visual artist

Ciaran Mackel – Architect

Dylan Moore – Musician

Darragh Foley – Musician

Billy Kavanagh – Musician

Shane Whoriskey – Musician

Ross Moore – Musician

Rory De Nógla – DJ

Ciarán Fox – DJ

Jake Flynn (aka Fomorian Vein) – Music Producer

Jamie Carroll (aka DUVZ) –  Music producer and DJ

Rory Dee – Musician (Junk Drawer)

Stevie Lennox – Musician (Junk Drawer)

Brian Coney – Musician (Junk Drawer)

Jake Lennox – Musician (Junk Drawer)

Cormac O’Caoimh – Singer/songwriter

Brian Mooney – Musician (Afterwardness)

Paul Quin – Musician

Peter Clyne – Filmmaker

Abbey Blake – Musician (Pretty Happy)

Arann Blake – Musician (Pretty Happy)

Andy Killian – Musician (Pretty Happy)

Joe Chester – Singer/songwriter and producer

Taran Plouzané – Guitarist (Bicurious)

Tadhg Hickey – Actor, writer and director

Jane Clarke – Poet

Catherine Barron – Visual artist

Maeve Molly McKernan – Singer and guitarist (Vulpynes)

Kaz Millar – Drummer (Vulpynes)

Brían Mac Gloinn (Ye Vagabonds)

Diarmuid Mac Gloinn – Musician (Ye Vagabonds)

Josh McClorey – Musician

Conor O’Toole – Filmmaker and comedian

Shane Moore (aka Nirdosh) – Artist

Síle Ní Dhubhghaill – Musician

Hazel Larkin – Writer

Turlough Chambers – Musician (The Bonny Men)

Natalie Ní Chasaide – Musician (The Bonny Men)

Conor Lyons – Musician (The Bonny Men)

Moss Landman – Musician (The Bonny Men)

Adam Whelan – Musician (The Bonny Men)

Maitiú Ó Casaide – Musician (The Bonny Men)

Barry Lyons – Musician (The Bonny Men)

Sahar Ali – Poet and comedian

Pat Lagoon – Rapper

Ellen King (aka ELLLL) – Composer and musician

Siobhán Shiels – Composer and musician

Kim Sharkey – Artist

Lórcan Strain – Actor, writer and musician

Deborah Stockdale – Textile artist

Tim MacGabhann – Writer

John O’Halloran – Poet, songwriter and actor

Niamh Campbell – Writer

Eve Olney – Artist

Christy Leech – Musician (Le Boom)

Craic Boi Mental – Rapper

Maca – Musician (Silent Vices)

Uwmami – Musician and producer

Edwina Guckian – Dancer and choreographer

Jinx Lennon – Punk poet

Bonnie Spencer – Singer/songwriter

Sélu – Musician

Sean Arthur (aka Kobina) – Musician and producer

Joexxvincy – Musician

Awesimon – Musician

Semilore Olusa – Musician

Zak Higgins (aka Strawberry Productions) – Producer and engineer

Darryl Kearney (aka Decay) – Musician

Luthorist – Rapper

Aaron Crawford (aka Aaron Everything) – Musician

Chahyld – Artist and Producer

Lullie – Musician

Charlie Sabine – Producer

Evan Miles – Musician

GOLD!E BRON$ON – Musician

Nick Stanley (aka Sick Nanley) – Musician

Craig Walker – Musician (Power of Dreams)

Ian Olney – Musician (Power of Dreams)

Stefan Murphy – Musician

Omo Aston – Singer/songwriter

Oisín Singleton – Musician (Sourfruit)

Cian Rellis – Musician (Sourfruit)

Eoin Byrne – Musician (Sourfruit)

Daniel Farrell – Musician (Sourfruit)

Evan Magee – Musician (Sourfruit)

Eric Ryan – Musician (Sourfruit)

Hassan Olanrewaju Sholola – Artist and producer

Alex Potgieter (aka Awkward Z) – Hip hop artist

Tim Leech-Cleary – Filmmaker, theatremaker and photographer

Gavin Doyle (aka GavinDaVinci) –  Producer and rapper

Bukky Adebowale – Musician

Hannah Worrall – Musician (TOYGIRL)

Aran Hopkinson – Musician (TOYGIRL)

Fiachra O’Mahony – Musician (TOYGIRL)

Ciaran Whelband – Musician (TOYGIRL)

Cian O’Leary Hegarty – Musician (TOYGIRL)

Colin Brady – Filmmaker

Shane Clifford – Comedian

Eoin Dolan – Songwriter and producer

Jim O’Donoghue Martin – Musician (Video Blue)

Salma Ataya – Dancer

Laurie Shaw – Musician and songwriter

Diolmhain Ingram Roche (aka Wastefellow) – Producer and songwriter

Rioghnach Ní Ghrioghair –

Director, writer and producer

Ciaran Lavery – Singer/songwriter

Holly Pereira – Illustrator and muralist

Aoife Nessa Frances – Musician and songwriter

Seán Meehan (aka FYNCH) – Artist and musician

Marcus Lamb – Actor

Andrew Synnott – Composer

Eilís Walsh – Photographer

Laura Mulcahy – Artist, musician, and writer

Tadhg Williams – Musician, Songwriter, Poet

Jamie Mulrooney (aka Doppler)- Songwriter and musician

Tom Mulrooney – Musician

Carole Mulrooney – Musician

Úna Keane – Musician

Colm Keating – Photographer

Joseph Harney (aka Deaf Joe) –  Musician

Tara Flynn – Actor and writer

Oein DeBhairduin – Writer

Leanne McDonagh – Visual artist

Síobhra Quinlan – Vocalist, producer and composer

Eimhear Ní Ghlacáin – Singer

Dena Anuk$a  – DJ and rapper

Finn Arden – Filmmaker

Amir Abu Alrob – Actor and theatre maker

Jack Rua – Pop artist

Cbakl – Artist and producer

Sam Perkin – Composer

Sue Gogan – Musician

Seán Mac Erlaine – Musician and composer

Stevie Grainger – DJ, writer and producer

Veronica Heywood – Artist

Emma O’Halloran – Composer and vocalist

Conor Kelly (aka Chósta) – Electronic Artist

Mary Stokes – Singer

Laura Sheary – Musician (Kyoto Love Hotel)

Joe Geaney – Musician (Kyoto Love Hotel)

Alannah Robins – Artist and singer

Angela Williams – Artist

Dunluvly – Musician

Louise Manifold – Visual artist

Susie Blue – Singer and songwriter

BECAH – Singer and songwriter

Goedele van Laake – Singer

Abigail O’Brien – Visual artist

Christine McQuillan – DJ

Alan Magee – Visual artist

Aideen Barry – Visual artist

Ann Ensor – Installation artist

Debbie Chapman – Visual artist

Aoife Dunne – Artist and art director

Eimear Murphy – Artist

ØMEGA – Rapper and producer

RÓGAN – Rapper and producer

Andrea Walshe – DJ

Aonghus Óg McAnally – Actor and artistic director

Imogen Murphy – Filmmaker

Kira O’Brien – Actor

Aideen Farrell – Visual artist

John Morton – Actor and writer

Jim Nolan – Playwright and theatre director

Bill Murphy – Actor

Fionn Foley – Actor, writer and composer

Patrick Hendrick – Artist and songwriter

Joel Harkin – Singer/songwriter and producer

Nicola Lindsay – Actor

Gerard Lee – Actor and writer

Frieda Meaney – Artist

Dhiaga – Producer

Rose Henderson – Actor and writer

Antoinette Hilliard – Actor

Greg Tisdall – Musician

Pauline Cadell – Actor

Geraldine Creed – Filmmaker and writer

Saoirse Wall – Artist

Tobias Barry – Musician (Babylamb)

Rían Stephens – Musician (Babylamb)

Laoise Fleming – Musician (Babylamb)

Cian King – Musician (Babylamb)

Suzanne Walsh – Artist, writer and musician

Sorcha Shanahan – Actor and theatre maker

Gemma Kearney – Artist

Paula Greevy-Lee – Actor

Evelyn Suttle – Artist

Joan Sugrue – Artist

Laura Keane (aka ELKAE) – Singer and songwriter

Julie Forrester – Visual artist

Judy Carroll Deeley – Visual artist

Justin Larkin – Artist

Tom Stapleton – Musician (King Kong Company)

Mark Graham – Musician (King Kong Company)

Joe Lee – Filmmaker and visual artist

Kaye Maahs – Artist

Kiera O’Toole – Artist

John Ketch – Visual artist

Joseph Keating – Visual artist

Peter Lawlor – Musician (Solkatt)

Laurence McKeown – Writer and playwright

Pop Wallace – Musician

Brigid Mae Power – Singer and songwriter

Hannah Mamalis – Writer, actor and comedian

John Byrne – Artist

Chanele McGuinness – Singer/songwriter

Laura Kelly – Visual artist

Máighréad Medbh – Performance poet

Leonard Sheil – Artist

Lian Bell – Artist

Susan Montgomery – Visual artist

Laura O’Hagan – Artist

Enda Wyley – Poet

Aoibheann Carey-Philpott  – Singer, songwriter and artist

Hilary Morley – Visual artist

Ursula Burke – Visual artist

Úna Monaghan – Musician

Geraldine Mitchell – Poet

Stevie Scullion (aka Malojian) –  Singer and songwriter

Paul Casey – Poet

Neil Ó Lochlainn – Musician and composer

Conor Mason – Singer and songwriter

Mark Roper – Poet

Sophie Gough – Sculptor

Yvette Monahan – Photographer

Enda Coyle-Greene – Poet and writer

Sinéad Keogh – Performance installation artist

Katie Donovan – Poet

Emma Flynn – Writer

Paddy Bushe – Poet

Jill Quigley – Artist

Rab Fulton – Author

Sandra Bell – Sculptor

Ruby Wallis – Artist

Emily Peat – Illustrator and graphic designer

Keith Payne – Poet

Grace Wells – Writer and Poet

Sarah Ellen Lundy – Artist

John Ironside – Photographer

Róisín White – Visual artist

Olwyn Whelan – Illustrator

Norah Brennan – Printmaker and Artist

Pete Mullineaux – Poet, dramatist and songwriter

Roisin Meaney – Novelist

Catherine Leahy – Musician – (Magazines)

Tom Crowe – Musician – (Magazines)

Shayne English – Musician – (Magazines)

Dan Doherty – Musician – (Magazines)

Declan O’Rourke – Singer and songwriter

Geraldine Mills – Writer

Lucinda Jacob – Writer

Juno Cheetal – Musician and Composer (Flowers At Night)

Brian Dillon – Musician (Meltybrains?)

Bernhardt McKenna – Musician (Meltybrains?)

Donnacha O Malley – Musician (Meltybrains?)

Micheál Quinn – Musician (Meltybrains?)

Tadhg Byrne – Musician (Meltybrains?)

Éna Brennan (aka Dowry) – Composer

Cathal Ó Curráin – Ceoltóir

Jennifer Moore – Musician and artist

Mary Montague – Poet and writer

Dubh Lee – Musician

Manus Lunny – Musician

Seán Ryan (aka Why-Axis) –  Songwriter, rapper and producer

George Brennan – Composer and musician

Michael Gallen – Musician and composer

Jacob Tiernan – Musician (Turnstiles)

Cillian Ryan – Musician (Turnstiles)

Michael Holly – Artist

Zoë Conway – Musician and Composer

Mary Sullivan – Artist

Sibyl Montague – Artist

Elaine Howley – Musician

Damian McKee – Musician (Beoga)

Seán Óg Graham – Musician (Beoga)

Niamh Dunne – Musician (Beoga)

Ronan Kealy (aka Junior Brother) – Singer

Sarah Bracken – Artist

Orla Whelan – Visual artist

Pamela Connolly – Musician (Pillow Queens)

Rachel Lyon – Musician (Pillow Queens)

Cathy McGuinness – Musician (Pillow Queens)

Sarah Corcoran – Musician (Pillow Queens)

Aoife Blake – Musician and singer

Bríd Murphy – Visual artist

Liz Rackard – Artist

Sinéad Bermingham – Musician

Isaac Nelson – Musical Artist

Aoife Greenham – Author and illustrator

Paddy Kiernan – Musician and Photographer

Karen J. McDonnell – Poet and writer

Tony Whelan – Filmmaker

Carol Hodder – Painter

Cecilia Moore – Silversmith and sculptor

Ciana Fitzgerald – Painter and video artist

Clíona Ní Laoi – Artist

Sarah Browne – Artist

Cecilia Bullo – Visual Artist

Clare Scott – Visual Artist and writer

Cormac Boydell – Artist

Gabhánach de Nógla (aka An Galar Dub) – Musician

Chrissy Curtin – Illustrator

Meadhbh McNutt – Writer

Deirdre O’Mahony – Visual artist

Emma O’Grady – Theatre maker

Eileen O’Sullivan – Artist

Adiba Jaigirdar – Writer

Deirdre McKenna – Artist/Ealaíontóir

Charles Hurts – Musician

Harry Burton – Cartoonist, animator and storyboard artist

Paul Gaffney – Visual artist

Paul Mac Cormaic – Artist

Mary Coll – Poet

Sanaa El Habbash – Artist and graphic designer

Olga Magliocco – Artist

Stephen Bean – Photographer

Chris Robinson – Visual Artist

Jimi Cullen – Singer/Songwriter

Mick Joyce – Musician (Mick Joyce and the Sonic Gypsies)

Kevin Finnegan – Musician (Mick Joyce and the Sonic Gypsies)

Lorde Fuhl – Musician (Mick Joyce and the Sonic Gypsies)

Graham Tully – Musician (Mick Joyce and the Sonic Gypsies)

Róisín Kelly – Writer

Gavin Prior – Musician

Niamh Bennett – Animator and illustrator

Seán Keenan – Musician (Nixer)

Gearóid Peggs – Musician (Nixer)

Laura Mary McGarrigle (aka Gaze is Ghost) – Composer and singer-songwriter

Kyle Thornton – Musician (Nerves)

Adam Nealon – Musician (Nerves)

Charlie McCarthy – Musician (Nerves)

Maija Sofia – Singer, writer and recording artist

DJ Daddy Heely Rave – Musician (Messyng)

IBan – Musician (Messyng)

Spider JJ – Musician (Messyng)

Dee Walsh – Visual artist

Jim McHugh – Musician and Songwriter

Sara Ryan – Vocalist, songwriter, performer and artist

Pat Nolan – Actor/director/writer

Kim McCafferty – Performer

Steven Doody – Artist

Kathy D’Arcy – Poet

Turlough Kelly – Filmmaker

Janine Triskele – Tattoo Artist

Áine O’Dwyer – Musician

Insaf Yalçinkaya – Poet

Mimmie Malaba – Poet

Gerry O’Beirne – Singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist

Emma McKeagney – Artist

Treasa O’Brien – Artist, filmmaker and writer

Arnold Thomas Fanning – Playwright and writer

Grace Dyas – Artist

Nicholas McLachlan – Poet and writer

Susan Quirke – Musician

Ellen O’Mahony – Musician (ELKIN)

Carla Ryan – Musician (ELKIN)

Emmalene Blake (aka ESTR) – Artist

Mike Finn – Playwright and screenwriter

Wayne Soper (aka Midnight Wayne) – Songwriter, singer and producer

John Gilbride – Musician (Pecking Party)

Ciara Ryan – Musician (Pecking Party)

Fiachra Kennedy – Musician (Pecking Party)

Fiachra Dunn – Musician (Pecking Party)

Conor Bellew –  Musician (Sun.Set.Ships)

Ciaran Curley –  Musician (Sun.Set.Ships)

Ryan Mulligan –  Musician (Sun.Set.Ships)

Ciara Harrison – Artist

Alma Kelliher (aka LUX ALMA) – Composer, musician and sound designer

Róisín Doherty – Artist

Charlot Kristensen – Illustrator, designer and author

Isolde Carmody – Artist and writer

Celina Muldoon – Artist

Rob Smith – Musician, DJ and producer (The Swedish Railway Orchestra)

Ruairí Richman – Musician (Lemonade Shoelace)

Aoife Dowd – Ealaíontóir/Visual artist

Ala Buisir – Artist and photographer

Odhran O’Brien (aka Odd Numbers) – Beat-maker, producer and DJ

Tuqa Al-Sarraj – Artist

Ritewell – Rap artist

Donal Gibbons – Musician (Cousin Tablet)

Stephen Monaghan – Musician (Cousin Tablet)

Wil Merrigan – Musician (Cousin Tablet)

Jamie O’Neill – Musician (Cousin Tablet)

Sarah O’Moore – Singer-songwriter

Cian O’Dowd – Musician (Static Vision)

Tom O’Dowd – Musician (Static Vision)

Toby Shane – Musician (Static Vision)

David Butler – Author

Elinor O’Donovan – Artist

Jordan Run – Musician

Hugsie – Musician

Katie Kim – Musician, singer-songwriter and composer

Dermot Mulholland – Musician (Réalta)

Farah Elle – Singer-songwriter

Shaun O’Connor – Visual Artist

Lauren Foley – Writer

Orla Russell-Conway – Filmmaker and writer

Michael D’Alton (aka Seba Safe) – Songwriter and musician

Barra Dinan – Visual artist

Aileen McKenna (aka This Ship Argo) – Composer, producer and musician

Kerry Guinan – Artist

Marcus – Singer-songwriter

Sally Rooney – Author and screenwriter

Mícheál McCann – Poet

Jason McNerney – Artist

Faith Nico (aka Cruel Sister) – Musician and artist

James Hickey – Filmmaker

Áine Whelan – Musician

Joe Mahon – Filmmaker

Tadhg O’Sullivan – Filmmaker

David Keeling – Filmmaker

Louise Ní Chuilinn (aka Selkies) –  Artist

Josh O’Caoimh – Filmmaker

Niamh Moloney – Visual artist

Emily Waszak – Visual Artist

Liam Delahunt – Filmmaker

Maggie Cronin – Actor, writer and director

Treasa Nealon – Playwright and theatre practitioner

Peter Slattery – Illustrator

Jason De La Roche – Comedian and poet

Kate Alizadeh – Illustrator

Miriam Needham – Theatre artist

Colm Conlan – Musician

Jack Horgan – Musician

Eugene O’Hare – Playwright and actor

Elaine Malone – Musician

Avril Corroon – Artist

Alfie Hudson Taylor – Artist and musician (Hudson Taylor)

Harry Hudson Taylor – Artist and musician (Hudson Taylor)

Sebastian Adams – Musician

Tracy Culleton – Writer

Conor Clancy – Singer-songwriter (Toucan)

Becks Coad – Artist

Tom Kerrisk  – Musician and actor

Louise Kennedy – Writer

Sean Cunningham – Animator and director

Elaine Prunty – Mosaic Artist

Jo Nestor – Writer

Anna Mary Donaghy – Traditional musician

Frank Donaghy – Musician

Marty Carlin – Filmmaker and producer

Vincent Kinnaird – Filmmaker

Stephen Mullan – Filmmaker, photographer and artist

Louise Matthews – Actor and writer

Bonnie Dempsey – Filmmaker

David O’Sullivan – Filmmaker

Liz Cullinane – Artist and writer

David Coonan – Musician and composer

Roslyn Steer – Musician

Conor Thornton – Singer-songwriter and musician

Dara McAnulty – Author

Gearóidín Devine – Multimedia artist

Conor McGinley – Graffiti and street artist

Maria Somerville – Musician

Darragh Morgan – Violinist

Nicola Kearns – Author

Lee Hamill – Artist

John Gunning – Lighting designer and digital artist

Eithne Gallagher – Writer

Shar Nolan (aka West Queer Art) – Artist

Shane Hickey-O’Mara – Theatre Director

James Shannon – Musician

Veronica Dyas – Theatre Practitioner

Ciara O’Neill – Artist and illustrator

Dobz O’Brien – Visual artist and independent curator

James Colohan (aka COLOHAN) –  Musician

Jenny Wren – Art director and festival booker

Shauna Duggan (aka Candy Walls) Illustrator and writer

Eimhin McNamara – Filmmaker and animator

Nico Rylands – Illustrator

Brian Teeling – Artist

Stephen Maguire – Poet, playwright and performer

Siofra Devine – Artist and illustrator

Ciara Malone – Illustrator

Eddie McCormack (aka Bright Falls) – Recording artist

Jonah Anderson – Artist and animator

Jane Tonra – Artist and photographer

Eimear MacCarrick – Composer

Liam Doyle – Musician

Mary Mulrine – Singer and musician

Angela Monks McDonagh – Artist

Lydia Hickey – Visual artist

Eileen Mantel – Visual artist

Síle Ryan – Musician (GRAND)

Anna Walsh – Writer

Kieran Clifford – Visual artist and writer

May Cassidy – Writer

Emmet Kirwan  – Actor, playwright and screenwriter

Jane Fogarty – Visual artist

Kieran Beville – Author

Key Woodlock – Artist

Kieran Furey – Poet and writer

Kate Glavey – Actor

Eavan Aiken – Artist and filmmaker

Eileen Ferguson – Artist

Maeve O’Neill – Photographer

Bronagh Lee – Artist and illustrator

Aisling O’Beirn – Artist

Garry McCarthy (aka GMC and Kalabanx) – Rapper, producer, songwriter

Maïa Dunphy – Writer

Mark Roger McGann – Cartoonist and illustrator

Billy Lingwood – Ealaíontóir

Séamus Harahan – Artist, filmmaker and musician

Aoibheann Greenan – Visual artist

Sam Keogh – Artist

Jackie Peterson – Visual artist

Barbara Knežević – Visual artist

Annie Forrester – Artist

Niall McDowell – Singer and songwriter

Thérèse Rafter – Visual artist

Hollie Leddy Flood – Illustrator

Owen Kilfeather  – Composer and filmmaker

Michael Phoenix – Writer and musician

Fuz Reilly – Musician (Slyrydes)

Mark Comer – Musician (Slyrydes)

Marc Raftery – Singer (Slyrydes)

Paul Clarke – Musician (Slyrydes)

Chris Beausang – Writer

Aidan Kelly – Actor

Lani O’Hanlon – Writer and poet

Maud Cotter – Artist

Felicia McCarthy – Poet

Joanne Boyle – Visual Artist

Anita Groener – Artist

Alan Ó Raghallaigh – Musician

Lorna Shaughnessy – Poet

Steve Wickham – Electric violinist, songwriter and composer (The Waterboys and NoCrows)

Aengus Hackett – Musician, Composer and Producer

Marion O’Dwyer – Actor

Léna Seale – Actress

Ian Mc Inerney – Artist

Ophelia McCabe – Hip hop artist

Katie O’Connor – Musician

Bulelani Mfaco – Writer

Brendan Tallon –  Musician (Revelino)

Luke Clerkin – Folk-pop songwriter and artist

Wasekera-Sekerani Chiphazi – Writer and actor

Colm Mac Gearailt – Actor and poet

Isabel Claffey – Actor

Grace Moyo – Actor

Bobby Aherne – Writer and musician

Dee the Antisocial – Rapper and producer (The Ballyboyz)

Spaceman Steve – Rapper and producer (The Ballyboyz)

Katie Grew (aka Lady Grew) – Writer and musician

Conor Furlong – Artist

Grace Enemaku – Designer and illustrator

Julie Dawson – Musician (NewDad)

Sean O’Dowd – Musician (NewDad)

Fiachra Parslow – Musician (NewDad)

Áindle O’Beirn – Musician (NewDad)

Fionn Reilly – Musician (Enola Gay)

Joe McVeigh – Musician (Enola Gay)

Adam Cooper – Musician (Enola Gay)

Andy Mullan – Musician (Enola Gay)

Hannah Richardson – Musician (Cherym)

Nyree Porter – Musician (Cherym)

Alannagh Doherty – Musician (Cherym)

Aidan Davidson – Musician (Villa in France)

Nino Morelli – Musician (Villa in France)

Matthew Gillan – Musician (Villa in France)

Conor Mc Quaid (aka JJ Bloom) – Songwriter and producer

George Hutton – Singer

Seamus Hughes – Actor, director and writer

Liam O’Callaghan – Musician (Arctic Lights)

Eddie Butt – Musician (Arctic Lights)

Sarah Crean – Singer, songwriter and producer

Shane Clarke – Musician (Elephant)

Conor King – Musician (Punching Peaches)

Jack Sinnott – Musician (Punching Peaches)

Aran Casey – Musician (Punching Peaches)

Naoise Jordan Cavanagh – Musician (Punching Peaches)

Aran Sheehy – Musician (Manyana)

David O’Rourke – Musician (Manyana)

Jamie Gilroy Barrett – Artist

Stephen Morton – Artist

Laura Fitzgerald – Artist

Frank Sweeney – Artist

Emily Fitzell – Artist

Fiona Marron – Visual Artist

Síofra Nolan – Musician (Cooks But We’re Chefs)

Jesse Russell – Musician (Cooks But We’re Chefs)

Methembe Thabani Mafu – Musician (Cooks But We’re Chefs)

Dan Coyne  – Musician (Cooks But We’re Chefs)

Dougie Sealy  – Musician (Cooks But We’re Chefs)

Luke O’Dwyer – Musician (Cooks But We’re Chefs)

Malachi Fitzgerald Graham  – Musician (Cooks But We’re Chefs)

Daniel Kearns – Musician (Cooks But We’re Chefs)

Adam Garrett – Musician and producer

Aoife McMahon – Musician (Lost In Your Mind)

Andrea Lambe – Musician (Lost In Your Mind)

Elisa Kuhl – Musician (Lost In Your Mind)

Tracey McEvoy – Musician (Lost In Your Mind)

Louis Younge  – Musician (Sky Atlas)

Ryan McClelland – Musician (Sky Atlas)

Danilo Ward – Musician (Sky Atlas)

Lughaidh Armstrong-Mayock  – Musician (Sky Atlas)

Niall McCormack – Designer and illustrator

Danny Brennan  – Artist and writer

Camilla Fanning – Artist

Ger Wolfe – Musician

Ryan Allen – Artist

Maria Geheran – Musician

Conor Ryan – Animator and director

Lorrayne Murphy  – Visual artist

Sara Leahy – Photographer

Sheila Killian – Author

Laura Murphy – Poet

Noel Molloy – Visual and performance artist

Eimear Ryan – Writer

Orla de Brí – Sculptor

Joshua O’Leary (aka Jossle) – Singer, songwriter and producer

Alex Moore – Musician (Acid Granny)

Cillian Byrne  – Musician (Acid Granny)

Jason McNamara  – Musician (Acid Granny)

Louise Butler  – Musician (Acid Granny)

Robbie Reilly – Musician (Acid Granny)

Greg Dowling – DJ and producer (Fish Go Deep)

Shane Johnson – DJ and producer (Fish Go Deep)

Source: Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign.






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