Palestine Parliamentary Committee discusses with members of the General Secretariat of Popular Conference their joint action

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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On Wednesday 29-9-2021, the Palestine Committee of the Jordanian Parliament received the two members of the General Secretariat of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, Nader Salah and Khaled Al-Tarani, within the framework of completing the meetings between the Palestine Committee and the Popular Conference and strengthening the partnership signed between them in serving the cause of Jerusalem and Palestine.

They were received by the Rapporteur of the Palestine Committee, Representative Rashid Al-Shouha, and Representatives Ahmed Al-Sarahna, Amghir Al-Dajeh, Zuhair Al-Saeedin, Zaid Al-Atoum, Fayez Basbous and Imad Al-Adwan.

Nader Salah, a member of the General Secretariat of the Popular Conference, said to Palestinians abroad: "This visit comes as a continuation and follow-up to the partnership that was strengthened between the Popular Conference and the Palestine Parliamentary Committee, after a delegation from the committee visited the Popular Conference earlier in Istanbul."

Salah indicated that the meeting revolved around ways to enhance joint cooperation between them, and that the two sides valued each other's role in serving the Palestinian cause and supporting the rights of the Palestinian people.

The two sides agreed to complete efforts, communicate and carry out practical projects that serve the Palestinian people in Jordan and the various places where the Palestinian people are located.

He added: "We stressed the importance of the Hashemite guardianship of the holy sites in Jerusalem, and the role of Jordan as a king, government, parliament and people in restoring momentum to the Palestinian cause and defending it in international forums."

The Speaker of the Jordanian Parliament, Lawyer Abdel Moneim Al-Awdat, also met with the two members of the General Secretariat of the Popular Conference, and stressed that support for the Palestinian people is one of the constants of Jordanian policy.







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