500 international academics: Criticism of "Israel" is not anti-Semitic

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500 international academics, including 200 professors from the United States of America, signed a letter of protest addressed to the administration of the British University of Glasgow stressing the need not to confuse opposition to the "Israeli" occupation of the Palestinian territories with the so-called anti-Semitism.

The letter, signed by current and former presidents of major international universities, including a Nobel Prize winner, objected to what it described as yielding to pressure and false allegations of anti-Semitism by apologizing for an academic research criticizing the "Israeli" occupation that was published in the university's journal.

It said, "The decision to apologize for publishing the paper came after complaints were inflated by a news report that its content was anti-Semitic, although it was accepted and published after a review process by the university's academic," rejecting the decision of the University of Glasgow Board of Directors.





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