Marking the 101th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, the Refugee and Return file at the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad launches a contest for the best letter to the British embassies around the world
Contest Terms:
1. The letter should be in English or the loçal language.
2. The letter should be directed to the Ambassador of the United Kingdom (the name of the Ambassador must be correct)
3. The letter should be sent to the address of the Embassy either by mail, e-mail or fax.
4. The message should be peaceful and civilized and take into account the laws in form and content. The Conference doesn't hold the responsibility or legal consequences for any violations or contents contrary to the laws.
5. The letters should be sent to the embassies before 30/11/2018

Content of the letter:

· The person should introduce his/herself with name and age. 
· The story of how their parents became refugees. 
· Daily suffering of being a refugee. 
· Description of the life in the camp (for camp residents)
· Mentioning how they were badly affected by the Nakba. 
· Demanding Britain to take responsibility, apologize, support the Palestinian right, maintain UNRWA and compensate for what happened to the Palestinian people

How to participate:

1. A copy of the letters should be sent to the official page of the Conference before 10 December 2018
2. Provide reasonable proof that the letter has been sent to the embassy
3. The letters will be assessed by an announced arbitral commission
5. All valid messages will be published without exception on the conference page with the announcement of the winning letters by the names of their owners.
6- The last date for sending the letters to embassies is on 30/11/2018
* Please provide us with embassy responses if received
* Nominal traditional prizes will be given for the top twenty messages

Send your letter to:
Whatsapp: 00905393554582