Wednesday 5 Dec, 2018
Beirut - Istanbul

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad within the Balfour 101 campaign launched an electronic petition to collect signatures calling on Britain to apologize and undertake its legal and moral responsibilities towards the Palestinian people for the Balfour Declaration and its catastrophic effects of refuge, oppression and criminal practices which still continue for more than 100 years.

Majid Al-Zeer, Deputy Chairman of the Conference's General Assembly and the Head of the Refugee and Return file, stressed that the Palestinian people, in their struggle to restore their legitimate and inalienable rights, must adopt the various means available to achieve this and work in all areas to cut the rope of support for the Zionist occupation from all the countries that stand for the Zionist falsehood at the expense of the Palestinian right.

Al-Zeer emphasized the need to continue pressure on the British government, which helped the establishment of the Zionist entity 100 years ago by issuing the Balfour Declaration. It is an annual opportunity to renew the Palestinian people's demand for the right to return by all means.

The Head of the Refugee and Return file said that the petition sponsored by the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad aimed at collecting the signatures of Palestinians around the world to call on the British government to apologize and undertake its legal, political and moral responsibility for the disastrous consequences of the Balfour Declaration.

The aim of the petition is to emphasize that the Palestinian file has not been closed and the Palestinian people remain committed to their rights, foremost of which is the right of return despite of the British government support to the Zionist occupation militarily and politically.

Al-Zeer called on the Palestinian people around the world to participate actively in signing the petition, which is a sign of the Palestinian collective will to restore their rights.

Visit the following link to sign the petition: