“Annexation of the West Bank and an Alternative National Strategy,” Lecture by Palestinian Thinker Moeen al-Taher

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On Sunday, May 17, 2020, the Public Conference for Palestinians Abroad / PCPA held an online lecture on Zoom, delivered by the Palestinian thinker Moeen al-Taher under the title: “Annexation of the West Bank and an Alternative National Strategy.”

The Palestinian fighter for freedom and thinker Moeen al-Taher stressed that the “Deal of the Century” presented the project of annexing the West Bank in the most accurate way, attaching to it maps and documents, while crossings and borders were also approached.

Al-Taher pointed out that "once the Palestinians agree to hold negotiations on the annexation project, they agree to all the project’s details because the condition for embarking on negotiations is an agreement to the annexation in full.”

Opening the lecture, al-Taher quoted the Prime Minster of the Occupation’s State, Benjamin Netanyahu, “The time has come to impose Jewish law on Judea and Samaria, the birthplace of the Jewish people,” explaining that by Judea and Samaria, Netanyahu referred to the West Bank.

Al-Taher pointed out that Netanyahu’s statement corresponds exactly to the "Trump deal" prepared by the religious Zionist right, as based on the biblical narrative that says "there is no right for the Palestinians in Jerusalem,” and that it was not mentioned in the Qur’an, while the reference was only made to al-Aqsa Mosque, in keeping with this the Jews believe that Jerusalem/al-Quds should be the unified capital of "Israel", as stipulated in the "Deal of the Century".

In addition to the annexation of the West Bank, al-Taher addressed the annexation of the Triangle, which he defined as an attempt to displace 350,000 Palestinians and annex them to the isolative settlements that will be established in the West Bank.

"The issue of the annexation did not leave the Palestinian Authority any choice, whether on holding the negotiations or not, given that accepting to start negotiations means agreeing to the project. And if they agree to the project, then there is no need for negotiations,” he added.

The PCPA’s member of General Secretariat also stated that the implementation of the deal’s terms with regard to Israeli interests is immediate, while what is related to the Palestinian issue is postponed, adding that the four years offered for negotiations are only an opportunity for the Israeli side, after which it will complete the annexation of rest of the areas having constrained the life of the Palestinian people everywhere in the occupied territories.

On the same note, al-Taher said that the annexation process was not sudden, for the deal and its terms were fully announced over years. Rather, the surprise lies in the fact that that there is no reaction to this deal commensurate with its size.

Regarding the response to the annexation process, he pointed out that the most appropriate means is to have a national mass movement to boycott the authority and transfer the functional role of the authority from security coordination to services only, which is to be followed by municipalities’ gradual pressure to end the authority and consider all who work in security coordination an "agent.”

Al-Taher called for the re-establishment of the Palestinian National Council and that the central factions, independents, civil society organizations and Palestinian communities in the diaspora hold a new Palestinian founding conference and stop completely considering the Palestinian Authority as the political leadership of the Palestinian people, demanding that an alternative interim political leadership be formed until the conference is held and is capable of choosing its political leadership, accordingly the leadership of the Palestinian people.

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