Eid al-Fitr Speech Delivered by PCPA’s Secretary-General Munir Shafiq

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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To my brothers and sisters at the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA)

I wish our Palestinian people another year of blessings, steadfastness and resolve to liberate Palestine, resting between the river and the sea.

I also wish the Arab and Islamic nation a year of peace despite the tragedies, the disasters, the hurdles and the negativity, for it is a nation charged with faith, strife and patience; a nation that God has bestowed with the power to rise from each slip, and I am certain it shall soon rise, God willing.

I wish you, your families and beloved ones a blessed Eid,

Brothers and sisters

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings

The holy month of Ramadan has this year passed with all that it stands for, fasting, worshiping, praying and doing charity.

Ramadan has passed while the whole world is in a vicious war with the COVID-19 pandemic, which so far has inflicted as much as five and a half million persons and took a toll on over three thousand persons.

This happened while the world is yet midway in the crisis, which necessitates that we adhere to the advice of healthcare institutions — decreasing the casualties and being as fast as possible to defeat the virus, otherwise we will be at a constant battle with it.

We pray to God, the Almighty, that He lifts this plague, that he instills in our hearts the firmness and the will to combat it and also to vanquish it.

It is not the first while it is not the last pandemic, as well. Many pandemics have taken us aback, invaded and attacked at heart, only to withdraw and disappear; COVID-19 has caught us off guard, but God willing; it is on the way to disappearance.

Brothers and sisters

Even though the world war waged by Coronavirus has exceeded many other conflicts, struggles and wars, many of these confrontations and struggles have been in parallel to the viral one; they are still raging and must be fought.

The first of the confrontations involving the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, which aligned to the Coronavirus’ attack, was the prisoners and detainees held captive in the jails of the Zionist enemy. The Popular Conference had and has to invest all the possible efforts to create pressure as to release them without restrictions or conditions, for these prisoners are at the risk’s heart, crammed into prisons, where the virus threatens to annihilate them.

Then the greatest of all threats has emerged; the new Israeli government with its founding agreements that provide for annexing the Jordan Valley and other areas in the West Bank, which come on the heels of announcing the annexation of Jerusalem/al-Quds and the policies proposed by Donald Trump, seeking to liquidate the Palestinian cause under the sham “Deal of the Century.”

For this reason, our Palestinian people, accompanied by the resistance forces and its alert powers, is undergoing a major fateful confrontation, as it stands up to the annexation policies and those aiming to take over al-Aqsa Mosque which the criminal Temple groups have embarked on.

This necessitates that we found the largest national unison, under the flag of cancelling the Oslo Accords, with all its repercussions, while putting an ultimate end to security coordination and silencing all calls for negotiation or co-existence with these policies.

These are resolute days that our people is going through, which it will endure with full strength, will and faith in victory; it is an overall national unity — an integral popular intifada, decisive youthful resistance, which with a long breath is determined to repel the occupation and dismantle the settlement without restrictions or conditions.

It is backed by an ongoing struggle to liberate Palestine, all of it, and it is the only way to realize a full return and to remove that Zionist cancer, which is an overt enemy.

Brothers and sisters

This decisive battle is taking place before us, one that we are obliged to fight since that the current conditions are in the interest of Palestinians. Speaking of COVID-19, its negative impact has affected all, for we are suffering just as our enemy is, but we await from God that the enemy does not.

The power balance’s shifts, on the level of the universe, the region, the Arab world and Palestine, are at odds with the U.S. and the Zionist entity.

The U.S., for its part, is slammed by Coronavirus more than any other country around the world, and it is being led by a shaken and reckless presidency, which is escalating the confrontations with China and exploiting the virus in the political attack against it.

Netanyahu’s government thought that it would take advantage of the status quo to establish annexation, expropriation and violation policies, but magic would turn here on the sorcerer because the U.S. involvement in a conflict with China constitutes an opportunity to successfully challenge and confront it, while confusing the Zionist entity.

The policies of annexation are isolated globally, further weakened by the American position that lost power while facing Coronavirus. Accordingly, the U.S. is floundering and will find itself in deep trouble with China.

It is true that the Palestinian weakness lies in the lack of a final determination to completely exit the Oslo Accords, end security coordination and join a comprehensive national unity to launch a comprehensive uprising, but it is a shortcoming that is fading away and is unable to survive the incursion of annexation policies.

It is also true that there is an Arab weakness due to the wretchedness of some countries, which chose normalization and are hostile to resistance, almost as if hollow trunks of palm trees, rotten and about to collapse.

On the other hand, in spite of the siege and the difficulties, the resistance forces and their axis are growing more powerful and invincible and their willing to support the Palestinian people in their uprising and resistance is surging.

This applies to the Arab and Islamic peoples and the world public opinion. There is a real rejection of the policies of annexation and aggression against al-Quds and al-Aqsa Mosque.

This means that we, at this stage, are bearing witness to historical days, better than which were not experienced by our Palestinian cause.

When did we have weak and defeated enemies like Donald Trump and Netanyahu, and when did we have a strong resistance base as the one we have today?

Similarly, when did we come across circumstances that would allow for the formation of a national unity that would launch a comprehensive uprising, surrounded by a brave youthful resistance?

Peace be upon you, Eid al-Fitr Mubarak

Munir Shafiq

Secretary General of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad

May 24, 2020

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