A field plan must be worked out to face the annexation plans, PCPA's Secretary-General Munir Shafiq

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Munir Shafiq, the Secretary-General of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA), stated that the power balance is at the disadvantage of the Israeli occupation and the U.S. administration, stressing that the strengths available to the Palestinian people are capable of changing the equation and realizing on ground victories, which can bring the Palestinian cause to the forefront and vanquish the Israeli occupation.

In a statement delivered during a seminar held by AlQuds International Institution, concerning the Israeli annexation plans and their repercussions on the al-Aqsa Mosque, Shafiq said:

“We must liberate al-Aqsa and expel the occupation from Palestine. It is a thing we can do if the Palestinian strength factors come in unison on the basis of starting an ultimate confrontation with the Israeli occupation.”

Holding the Palestinian Authority responsible for the setback of the Palestinian cause, he added:

“Our flaw is the Palestinian Authority and the policies it adopted with the Israeli occupation and the resistance. What is required today, practically, is annulling the Oslo Accords and its ensuing results, as well as ceasing the security coordination effectively on the ground and forming a committee of the Secretaries-General of the Palestinian factions, in addition to launching urgent popular initiatives.”

He added:

“The refusal of the deal of the century, the annexation and confiscation project expressed in words and in the media is not enough. We have to refuse the annexation of the smallest areas of Palestinian lands. Certain entities, factions in particular, must work out a field plan to challenge the annexation plan and wage a large-scale uprising against the Israeli occupation.”

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