The Israeli annexation plans faced international opposition and American rift, PCPA's Secretary-General Munir Shafiq

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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The Secretary-General of the Popular Conference for Palestinians abroad (PCPA), Munir Shafiq, stated that the Israeli plans, aiming at annexing the Jordan Valley and areas in the occupied West Bank, is met with global opposition, particularly from Europe and Russia, and a split in the US that even the Trump administration and allies of "Netanyahu” were reluctant in its regard.

In a press statement, Mr. Shafiq said that the international opposition to the annexation plans stems from a concern over the occupation and its government, which will have to face Palestinian popular movements that reject the plans, given that these movements are capable of turning the table against the occupation and embarrass everyone.

The Secretary-General emphasized that the occupation’s Prime Minister is striving to implement the annexation plans before the upcoming American elections and given the indicators of the potential fall of the Trump Administration.

"Netanyahu will try to save his face with a limited annexation, and this must be treated as a [full] annexation, effecting a Palestinian action that promises an uprising to coerce the occupation into retreat and ensure its defeat. What is required is not to allow any level of annexation to pass,” he added.

The Secretary-General stressed the importance of the unity of the Palestinian position in confronting the deal of the century and the annexation plans, considering Palestinian unity as one of the priorities of the current phase in igniting a Palestinian uprising to confront the Zionist occupation.

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