PCPA Condemns the UAE-Zionist Agreement, Considering it a Violation of Palestinian People’s Rights

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Press Release

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad condemns the UAE-Zionist agreement

The General Assembly of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) followed up the Trump electoral declaration, which introduces an agreement to be sealed by the United Arab Emirates and the Zionist occupation, under which Netanyahu suspends the legalization of annexing the West Bank and the Jordan Valley in exchange for the normalization of affairs with the UAE.

We thus condemn this ominous agreement, which is a stab in the back of the Palestinian people, a treason of the Arab brotherly bonds and an infamous involvement in the execution of the so-called deal of the century. The agreement is, furthermore, a contribution into the liquidation of the Palestinian cause, and a blatant violation of the fixed rights of the Palestinian people, which are not, under any circumstances, for use in political negotiations and compromises, neither for any exchanges of interest between any Arab side and the Israeli Occupation.

The General Assembly of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, as it refuses any actions aimed at normalization with the Zionist enemy, stresses the following:

  1. The agreement signed by the UAE leadership with the Zionist entity is a flagrant treason of the Palestinian cause, of the UAE people, the Arab and Islamic nations, as well as the free people around the world, and a breach of the heritage of the founding fathers of the UAE, as well as a humiliating internalization in the service of Zionism, which suits no Arab Human that has the least amount of honor and dignity.
  2. This agreement is a glaring violation of the Palestinian people’s right into self-determination and liberating its land from occupation and colonization, while legalizing the grabbing of Palestine and the crimes committed by the enemy against the Palestinian people.
  3. With its declaration, the UAE as a member state of the Arab League is committing a national crime and an obvious violation of the League’s charters.
  4. This step does not represent the UAE people, who never backed down in meeting its duties. The agreement is a failure and will end in shame as it took the feelings of this noble people for granted, while it never gave up on its support for the Palestinian cause.
  5. PCPA calls onto all the Arab peoples to challenge this unilateral step, to condemn and refuse it, as well as to continue standing by the Palestinian right until Palestine is liberated, all Palestine is liberated.

Glory and eternity to our martyrs

Speedy recovery for the injured

Freedom for our brave prisoners

Shame on traitors and normalizing entities

The General Assembly

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad

Beirut - 14 August 2020

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