Statement of the General Assembly of PCPA Regarding the Meeting of Palestinian Factions’ Secretaries-general

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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To hold a meeting that brings together the secretaries-general of all the Palestinian factions is a positive step on various levels, including statements encompassed in the speech delivered by the president, some of the statements released from Ramallah or those fleeting remarks within the conclusive statement. However, we, as the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, still ensure our support to the positive dimension to this meeting, particularly should it make a unified action to launch a popular confrontation that is the seed of an intifada and an ongoing civil disobedience against the occupation, settlement plans and the practices aiming at the Judaization of al-Qasa Mosque and Jerusalem.

That the Palestinian people unifies ranks in the face of the crimes represented by the deal of the century and the annexation plans is no longer enough; to establish a committee and task it with following up the reconciliation is also no longer enough, because at the heart of the threat lies the occupation and its settlements, and at the heart of any popular resistance lies direct combat with the occupation, a combat that is to cost the enemy dearly if it decides to carry on with it.

The power balance and all the related conditions, let them be in Palestine, the Arab and Islamic worlds, as well as the universe, all present a chance to thwart the occupation and deconstruct its settlements in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, without conditions or even negotiations. That is because the occupation lacks legitimacy and it must not be rewarded. There is a need, thus, for setting on an intifada with will and power that is relentless and refuses compromises. It is only then when the occupation can be defeated. What comes later shall be addressed later, for first it is the liberation of Palestine, all of Palestine that must continue.

As the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad supports the realized unity, it does so while necessitating the foundation of a similarly unified committee that is to urge a victorious intifada, God willing, for only then the annexation and the deal of the century — the crime of the century are buried deep down. This only is the answer.

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad

General Assembly

4 September 2020

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