PCPA: The Normalization Deal is a Quitclaim Deed of their Arab Duty towards the Palestinian Cause

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad

It is a sad day for our people and nation

On 15 September 2020, the General Assembly of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) watched attentively the signing ceremony of the deal of humiliation, shame, surrender and submissiveness, which celebrated the rulers of UAE and Bahrain, as they shamefully succumbed to the war criminal Netanyahu, not to forget their abuse of the Arab dignity under the auspice of the US president, who is manipulating them to win another term in the November elections, since he is keen on using all the Arab pawns he has in store, who belong neither to their nations, nor to their peoples, over the course of his electoral campaign.

The signed deal is a quitclaim deed, under which they have given up free of charge on their Arab role towards the most sacred of the Arab nation’s causes, which is definitely not represented by these slipping people, who do not even represent their peoples that for a long time in their history have been major partners in the defence of the Arab right in occupied Palestine, peoples who still maintain the same stance.

As we, the General Assembly, denounce this retreat, condemn and deny it with the strongest means of expression, we stress the ongoing reinforcement of the national unity and boosting it as to reach resistance, uprising and civil disobedience, to vanquish the Zionist occupation and overthrew the deal of the century, the annexation policies and the betrayal coalition deal, signed with Trump and Netanyahu in the White House.

We are full of faith that defeat is the destiny of all that who stabs the Palestinian people, betrays the Palestinian cause and conspires with Trump and Netanyahu against it.

Glory and eternity for our martyrs

Speedy recovery for the injured

Freedom for our brave prisoners

Shame on those who normalize, those who chose to succumb

The General Assembly of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad

Beirut – 16 September 2020

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