“Normalization’s Threats and the Mechanisms to Challenge it”: Seminar Held by the Palestinian Women Association-Lebanon

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On Saturday, 3 October 2020, the Palestinian Women Abroad Association- Lebanon branch held a ZOOM seminar titled: “Normalization’s Threats and the Mechanisms to Challenge it”, presented by journalist Isra al-Modallal, who managed the discussion between a selection of Arab intellectuals and media personalities.

In his opening speech, the Palestinian writer and journalist, Alaa Remawi, stressed that Palestinians are still holding to their land despite all the threats posed and the privileges offered by the Israeli settlers.

He said:

“Should the whole world give up on Palestine, Palestinians would not surrender their land and homeland.”

There are anchors, Remawi indicated, that must be incorporated into challenging normalization, namely a resilient people and political reconciliation, as well as maintaining the Palestinian cause’s media presence, especially since Palestinians have rights, lands and a homeland.

Addressing the pressures and the practices aiming at Kuwait in terms of normalization, the Kuwaiti writer and lawyer Abdulaziz Bader al-Qattan, said:

“The Kuwaitis have been brought up on the love of Palestine and defending its cause. Kuwaitis are with the Palestinian people.”

For her part, the Bahraini journalist Wafaa al-Amm addressed how media should be utilized to face normalization, stressing the important role of media, along with all its mediums and tools, let them be informative or aiming at raising awareness as to keep people conscious about the Palestinian cause and the rejection of normalization.

With regard to Moroccan countries’ support for the Palestinian cause and their stance against normalization, the Secretary General of the Maghreb Women’s Global Coalition for Quds and Palestine (GCQP), Nadia Siyam from Tunisia, spoke about the Tunisian people's support for the Palestinian cause and how they raised the slogan “the people want the liberation of Palestine” during the revolution, and how they called for the criminalization of normalization with the Zionist occupation.

She pointed out to the continuation of support for the Palestinian cause through local and civil institutions and the formation of awareness and legal pressure against any action that backs normalization with or promotes for the Zionist occupation.

On his turn, the General Coordinator of the Palestinian Institutions and Associations Authority in Berlin, Eng. engineer Taysir Khalaf, commented on the role of Palestinians abroad in advocating the Palestinian cause among the different communities in Germany through various activities and events.

Khalaf stressed that Palestinians abroad constitute a lever for the Palestinian cause, as they work to reveal the true face of the occupation and its crimes against the Palestinians, as well as the Palestinians' right to defend their land, their right, and their homeland, Palestine.

The seminar was concluded by giving attendees the chance to ask the participants questions regarding the threats of normalization and the means to challenge it.


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