PCPA Reiterates Support for Prisoner Maher al-Akhras, who is Hunger Striking in Israeli Occupation’s Prisons

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The Battle of Hunger

The prisoner and freedom fighter Maher al-Akhras is the icon of the captive movement, as hunger vanquishes the Israeli jailor, and is also a slap in the face of those who submissively chose normalization with the Zionists

The General Assembly of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad has been following

With sheer pride and honour the heroic battle and the legendary steadfastness of the hero Maher al-Akhras, who with an empty stomach for 75 days has been waging an overall national battle against administrative detention that he and more than other 400 Palestinian prisoners have been subjected to, fighting for freedom from the clutches of an enemy that has no regard to humanitarian standards, nor the principles of the international law, keen, thus, on committing crimes, one after the other; an enemy that is not deterred as long as some regimes race to succumb before Netanyahu and to establish normal relations with an abnormal enemy, that persists to desecrate land and holy places.

and extremely angered, we follow up on the new round of the hunger battle, which grew into the Palestinian captive movement’s only weapon over the course of the successive heroic epics, but still we reiterate our support and advocacy for all the hero prisoners at the enemy’s prisons. Furthermore, we again condemn its ongoing crimes, to which is added the hostile attack on the unarmed prisoners in Eshel Prison.

PCPA’s General Assembly, full of anger, supports the prisoners’ battle and stresses its condemnation for all the normalization deals and treason of the UAE and Bahrain, as well as the reported news on Sudan’s intention to normalize in return for a Zionist-American blessing, which are considered a participation and engagement in the crimes of the aggressor Zionist occupation against the Palestinian people, the prisoners and the refugees, as well as against the millions of people besieged in Gaza, the cities of West Bank and the territories occupied by the Zionist enemy in 1948.

We call on our people, the nation and the free spirits of the world to stand in unison against the crimes of the treason-based normalization, we also announce our full support for the prisoner Maher al-Akhras and those imprisoned while seeking freedom in the Zionist prisons. Moreover, we call on the factions of the national struggle to take a serious and honest stand to support our courageous prisoners until they obtain their freedom.

Freedom for the hunger striking prisoner Maher al-Akhras

Freedom for all our heroic prisoners

The General Assembly

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad

Beirut, 14 October 2020

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