European-Palestinians Initiative for National Action: Founded to Unify Palestinian Efforts across the Continent

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On Monday, 19 October 2020, more than 140 Palestinian personalities throughout Europe announced the establishment of the "European-Palestinians Initiative for National Action," via a press statement, a copy of which was received by Palestinians Abroad (PalAbroad).

The statement reported that the initiative was founded in light of the challenges facing the Palestinian cause, including the deal of the century, the annexation plans, and Arab normalization with the Israeli occupation’s state, which prompted more than 140 Palestinian figures to discuss the importance of working to unify efforts and perform duties mandated by this difficult stage.

The founders added:

"It is a national framework that brings together the various colours across the Palestinian spectrum of cultural, social, professional and civil figures, to unify all national efforts in Europe, and to achieve the legitimate goals of Palestinian people, in line with the regulations and laws in force in the countries of the European Union (EU).”

They also indicated that the idea of the initiative was initially proposed on 20 March 2020, responding to the danger imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, and in order to unify all efforts to raise awareness among the Palestinian people of these dangers and the importance of adhering to all instructions issued by European states and governments.

Furthermore, the statement pointed out that the initiative’s idea was developed in reaction to the national need imposed by the difficult circumstances the Palestinian cause is enduring, and since progress had to be made towards meeting the requirements of the phase, and accordingly, it was agreed to choose a Coordination Office consisting of 21 members to run the initiative in the next two years.

As the statement was released, Mr. Majed Al-Zeer‎, President of Palestinians in Europe Conference, on behalf of Germany, was elected as the General Coordinator for the first six months on the first meeting of the Coordination Office, held on Thursday 15 October 2020, and Omar Faris was elected to be the First Deputy on behalf of Poland, while Adnan Abu Nasser was elected as the Second Deputy on behalf of Austria. Moreover, being the capital of the European Union, the city of Brussels was chosen to be the main center for the initiative's activity.

Through the initiative, the founders said, they seek to achieve multiple goals, most notably:

“Uniting all national efforts across  Europe to serve the Palestinian cause, developing national action in proportion to the size of risks and in order to achieve a work methodology aimed at protecting legitimate national rights, and calling for true national unity, demonstrated by reactivating the role of the institutions of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) as a legitimate representative based on organizational foundations with the intention to hold democratic elections for the National Council, in which all the Palestinian people, at home and abroad, participate.”

The initiative also aims to activate the role of Palestinians in Europe, to establish joint national activities and events, to activate communication with various European forces, parties, and personalities, in addition to supporting and empowering people inside Palestine and at all camps and Palestinian places of gathering.

The initiative's founding statement focused on a set of determinants that govern its work, including "full compliance with EU laws and regulations and the international law, and added emphasis on the process of full and permanent coordination with  Palestinians throughout Europe.”

The statement stressed the independence of the initiative and its neutral position of political disputes that weaken the unity of the national ranks, accentuating that the initiative is not a substitute for any party or institution present in Europe.


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