“Priorities of the Palestinian Cause in the Upcoming Phase and the Anticipated Role of Palestinians Abroad”: Conference to be Held by PCP

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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On Friday, 23 October 2020, the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) disclosed it will hold a conference titled: “Priorities of the Palestinian Cause in the Upcoming Phase and the Anticipated Role of Palestinians Abroad”. The event is to take place on 31 October 2020, in Wish More Hotel İstanbul, while simultaneously broadcasted via ZOOM.

The conference is to discuss a wide array of topics, most notably the priorities of the Palestinian cause under the current phase, Palestinians abroad, the national project, is it absent or absented, as well as the role of Palestinians abroad within the unified national project.

In the conference, Palestinian figures from across the world will participate, bringing to the table of discussion, the mechanisms necessary to put centre stage the role of Palestinians abroad once again, in addition to the opportunities they have and the challenges they face.

In a statement to Pal Abroad, commenting on the upcoming event, Hisham Abu Mahfouz, PCPA Deputy Secretary-General, said:

“The conference corresponds to a critical phase endured by the Palestinian cause, for the lawful rights of the Palestinians are under attacks, given the deal of the century, the annexation plans and the normalization agreements that are being sealed with the occupation.”

“Upholding the national responsibility, contributing to defining the priorities of the current phase, as well as shaping needed visions to stand in the face of its challenges, in addition to taking part in crystalizing a concept for the role of diaspora under such a critical phase and specifying a gaol to move towards, the conference was arranged,” he added.

Furthermore, Abu Mahfouz noted that the reality lived by Palestinians calls for “closing the ranks of all Palestinian communities wherever they are, shaping up a national vision that puts to use the national effort, including its various resources and mechanisms, as well as developing the role of entities, which are to shoulder this effort, all in a manner that serves an overall national project.”

He also stressed that this conference seeks to bring back into action the role of Palestinians abroad under the Palestinian national project, for “such a move is to bestow balance on the Palestinian landscape and correct the flow of action, urging it towards an essential cause in the struggle, namely the cause of Palestinian refugees, their right to return and self-determination.”

Finally, he added:

“The conference is a solid opportunity to invest in the current international and Arab circumstances and developing them into a position in support of the Palestinian cause and the project of liberation. Accordingly, this demands an investigation into the reality and priorities of the Palestinian cause in an objective critical and constructive manner.”

The conference is in Arabic, however, a coverage would be provided in English during the event.


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