“Current Priorities of the Palestinian Cause”: Seminar by PCPA

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On 31 October 2020, PCPA held a seminar titled "Current Priorities of the Palestinian Cause,” with the participation of Palestinian researchers, specialists and politicians, to discuss the national demands as to face the Israeli occupation, normalization, and empower the Palestinian narrative and the aspects of the Palestinian people's steadfastness.

Damen: The Israeli narrative and normalization projects aim to control the awareness and capabilities of the people

Journalist and filmmaker Rawan Damen spoke about the Palestinian narrative as it challenges its Israeli counterpart, and the importance of every Palestinian being a representative of the Palestinian cause.

Damen also touched on the importance of awareness in supporting the Palestinian narrative, and this is what she is working on through the Palestine Ambassador online platform.

She pointed out to the need to assess the spots of Palestinian failure and work on trying new well-planned things as to allow for a safe space for exchanging ideas without destructive criticism or individualist interests.

The Israeli narrative and normalization projects aim at controlling the capabilities and awareness of peoples, she said.

Al-Taher: The process of rebuilding the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) must be based on a national resistance project

On the requirements for building a national project capable of confrontation and persistence, political analyst Mueen al-Taher commented on the role of the Palestinian Authority, reconciliation and division, in addition to the PLO and challenging the Israeli apartheid regime.

Al-Taher also addressed the PLO’s rejection of all moves abroad to restore the role of Palestinians abroad within the national project, stressing that the rebuilding of the PLO must start from a resistance project, and not be subject to factional quotas, while it represents the various communities and actors brought under it.

He added:

"There is no longer any room for envisioning a solution to the Palestinian issue that includes one segment of Palestinians only, or on one part of the Palestinian land, excluding the rest of the people and the rest of the land. This mandates thinking of a new strategy based on the unity of the people, the unity of the land and the unity of the cause."

Al-Taher also urged for confronting the Israeli apartheid regime, as it poses a real threat to the Palestinian existence and the right of return.

Naim: Palestinian people’s capabilities must be summoned to affront normalization

The Palestinian researcher Dr. Muin Naim considered that the Arab-Israeli normalization agreements are systematic and programmed processes in keeping with the requirements of each political stage, aimed at removing Palestinian nationalism from Arab consciousness and conscience, and stripping the Palestinian cause from its centralization as the first Arab issue and turning it into an internal Israeli-Palestinian one instead.

On the steps to confront normalization, he added:

"We must work to show the political, economic and cultural risks of normalization, as it contradicts the history and culture of the Arab region, and to strengthen networking with all Arab and international bodies that oppose normalization, and to cancel the committee for communication with the Israeli occupation’s society, which was established by the Palestinian Authority."

Naim also stressed the importance of activating the international dimension of the Palestinian issue through the internationalizing of the conflict, adopting a plan to activate Palestinian membership in international institutions and courts, stimulating the capabilities of the Palestinian people, and unleashing their energies so that they can confront the imminent dangers threatening the Palestinian cause and people.

He called for activating Palestinian diplomacy to ensure that the Palestinian cause is back on the top of list of priorities, blocking the way for Arab normalization campaigns with the Israeli occupation, and investing Palestine's membership in regional and international organizations to expose the occupation’s crimes against the Palestinian people and their occupied land.

Al-Arian: Our strategic project is to dismantle the occupation and restore the rights of Palestinians

Dr. Sami Al-Arian said:

"The Palestinian cause is the nation’s central issue due to the nature of the conflict with the Zionist enemy, not only due to the specific nature of Palestine," adding that the Zionist project aims to divide the nation.

Al-Arian pointed out that the strategic goal of Palestinian action is to dismantle the Zionist project with all its entities, institutions and tools at all levels and in all arenas and geographies.

He added:

"The Palestinian people, despite all their sacrifices, steadfastness and generosity, cannot alone dismantle the Zionist project. Therefore, we need a huge global solidarity movement to implement this mission, which includes movements, parties, institutions, peoples, governments and countries."

Al-Arian emphasized that the nation’s project is not a two-state or state solution, but rather the complete dismantling of the Zionist project and the complete and undiminished restoration of all rights of the Palestinian people.

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