European Palestinians Condemn Resumption of Security Coordination with Israeli Occupation

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Brussels— the European-Palestinians Initiative for National Action slammed the statements of Hussein al-Sheikh, civil affairs minister of the Palestinian Authority (PA), as he declared the latter’s resumption of coordination and negotiation with the Israeli occupation authorities.

In a statement published on Facebook, the initiative on Thursday, 19 November 2020, expressed anger and condemned the PA’s decision, saying that such sentiments “followed the spark of hope that promised an end to the division and a national reunification through the factions’ meeting, and subsequent encounters, that sought to achieve this end, which our people look forward to as an unattainable dream.”

Reiterating its rejection of the PA’s strategy, as it only stood behind the predicaments of the Palestinian people and gave up on its national rights, the Initiative considered the renewed coordination and the return to the absurd negotiations track with the occupation “a disastrous approach that must be immediately revoked.”

“We demand the PA’s return to the national reconciliation track, and that it provides a climate fit for reclaiming national unity, the safety valve of our people’s struggle and the manifestation of all its free and living forces,” the Initiative stated.

“We stress that the [PA] is required to listen to the sound of reason, and to instantly stop betting on options that already proved to be ludicrous and a failure, renounced by people across [the Palestinian] spectrum,” the Initiative added.

The European-Palestinians Initiative for National Action was founded on 19 October 2019, consisting of at least 140 Palestinian personalities across Europe.

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