PCPA Condemns Resumed Negotiation and Security Coordination with the Israeli Occupation

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) condemns and denounces the recent political developments on the Palestinian arena and the resumed security coordination with the Zionist enemy.

The PCPA General Assembly has been attentively following up on the updated news at the Palestinian scene, which started with a tweet by Hussein Al-Sheikh, member of the Central Committee of Fatah Movement, as he declared the return of relations with the Zionist occupation to their pre 19 May 2020 status, including security coordination. Shortly thereafter, the letter Mahmoud Abbas has sent to the elected US President Joe Biden was revealed, as containing three dangerous concessions; joining the international organizations; ending incitement against the Israeli occupation in the education curricula; and the readiness to reform payment system of martyrs and prisoners’ allowances. Subsequently, there was the return of Palestinian ambassadors to the countries that have normalized ties with the Israeli occupation, and Donald Trump Administration’s disregard for the Palestinian cause, as his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited the illegal settlement set up on the lands of al-Bireh, callously challenging the rights of our people.

In this respect, the General Assembly stresses that

  1. With these steps, Abbas has declared a return to the Oslo Accords— that is, the negotiations and coordination with the Zionist enemy. Further, with his statement, he announced commitment to all accords, which, in his own words, have been ignored altogether by the Zionist entity. This is a return to the policies that proved destructive of the Palestinian cause.
  2. The renewed commitment to all treaties is a stark challenge and an underestimation of the meetings held by the factions’ general-secretaries in Beirut and Ramallah. This is also a belittlement of the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic forces which welcomed the meeting and considered it a source of hope.
  3. The General Assembly calls on the general-secretaries of the Palestinian factions to hold a meeting to decide closing the ranks and escalating the popular resistance in the struggle against the occupation, as to reach an overall uprising and civil disobedience, for such ways are the only means understood by the Zionist entity.
  4. The General Assembly believes that with his repeated stance, Abbas has turned absurd every attempt at dialogue, overcoming disputes, or betting on his denouncement of the Oslo Accords or the security coordination, or even his consent to embark on meaningful and serious popular resistance against the occupation. This being said, what is required from the factions is that they agree on unity and focus on waging a battle against the occupation and colonization, till it is repelled from our homeland.

Glory and eternity to our martyrs

Speedy recovery for the injured

Freedom for our brave prisoners in the Zionist jails

It is a revolution till victory, liberation, and return

The General Assembly

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad

Beirut – 22 November 2020




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