Press release issued by the General Secretariat of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad

Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad
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The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad is following with pride the actions of the heroic Palestinian resistance groups on the land of Gaza, the pride in confronting and responding to the brutal zionist aggression.

The Conference commends this unprecedented national cohesion in confronting the despicable zionist aggression, which was baptized by the blood of martyrs and martyrdom in the battlefield.

The conference emphasizes the need to continue these actions and that it become the title of a new stage of struggle and a symbol of the unity of guns and arms in the face of the Zionist machine brute.

In the same context, the Conference deplores this zionist barbaric aggression and its bombardment of homes and civilian institutions and the systematic targeting of the media and its institutions, primarily the bombing of the Zionist aircraft to the Al Aqsa channel, an act condemned for violating all international laws and moral values.

The Popular Conference for the Palestinians Abroad declares this position to affirm its support by all means possible to the decision of the resistance forces in their response to this brutal aggression and declare its stand alongside the steadfastness of Gaza and its legitimate struggle against the zionist aggression

And calls upon the masses of the Palestinian people inside and outside the homeland to unite with our people in Gaza

And calls for a comprehensive popular uprising that will uproot the occupation from the West Bank and Jerusalem

And calls upon all Arab and Islamic peoples and all forces that love justice and world peace to stand with the Palestinian people in their response to the aggression

Glory and eternity to our martyrs
The speedy recovery of the injured
And freedom for our brave prisoners
Popular Conference for the Palestinians Abroad

Beirut, 12/11/2018

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